Gini scored her first TC victory and took home eight million to Rafaela

Gini scored her first TC victory and took home eight million to Rafaela

Esteban “Tubo” Gini won the Road Tourism final at the Ciudad de Rafaela racetrack. Below, we share the details, curiosities and statistics from the day.

This Sunday, the Road tourism arguing the Millions Grand Prizecareer corresponding to seventh date of the 2024 calendar The day took place in one of the most important circuits in the country: the Rafaela City racetrack. In this context, Climbing to the top of the podium was Esteban Gini. As a result of the victory, the pilot places himself in fifth place in the championship with 182 units.

For this achievement, the profit the prize is taken eight million pesos who gave the said competition. He podium of this race ended up consisting of Christian Ledesma and Diego Ciantini. While Juan Cruz Benvenuti and Jonathan Castellano they finished the Top 5.

From the beginning of the race to lap number 20leadership is disputed between Ledesma and Ciantini. In just five laps, both drivers overshot the chicane and it was taken advantage of Gini what happened to take the lead with the Camry.

“I dedicate this to all parents, my wife and my daughter… I managed to win all the categories I ran in, I missed this victory. It took many years of effort, so when I saw the checkered flag and fireworks I was happy. “My father asked me to give him this victory and I did it.”the winner is declared as soon as the day ends.

The pilot from Quilmes became the winner number 223 in the vast history of Road tourismand managed to get the long-awaited victory after competing in a total of 107 races in the category. Furthermore, that of Machine part is he second competitor to win with the old model of toyotaThe first is Matias Rossi in 2023.

In this way, the protagonist of the week became the eighth driver needing the most races to achieve his first Máxima victory. The ranking is led by: Jose Ignacio Savinowhich was taken 196; Gaston Mazzacane with 168 and Juan Carlos Ciantini with 154.

Source: Tycsports

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