Sotnikov, KAMAZ master driver, about the Silk Road rally: “Mongolia is still a mystery to me, I have to adapt there”

Sotnikov, KAMAZ master driver, about the Silk Road rally: “Mongolia is still a mystery to me, I have to adapt there”

Four-time winner of the Silk Way marathon rally, driver of the KAMAZ-master team Dmitry Sotnikov told that in the 2024 race it will fight for first place in the overall truck standings.

This year, the Silk Road Rally will take place across Russia and Mongolia from July 5-15. The start of the race is planned in Tomsk, the finish is in Ulaanbaatar.

— With what tasks does your crew participate in the race?

— The task of all crews is to fight for victory, so we have tuned the car and ourselves in such a way as to show stable pace and results every day. Of course, it is difficult to complete the entire race perfectly, and it will be difficult to give your best in each stage; after all, a marathon is a marathon. But we will try to maintain the car and the speed until the finish, because I think the end will only come in the last stages of the rally. Furthermore, Mongolia is still a mystery to me; I did not go. You have to adapt on the spot.

— The marathon stage will close the race. Surprise from the organizers?

– Apparently, they decided to leave the plot for the very last days. I think this is a good and interesting solution. You have to feel the resource of your car to preserve it for the marathon stage and give it your all at the end of the race. After the last “Silk Road”, this will be the first long race, it will be necessary to distribute forces and tactics, Sotnikov told .

The KAMAZ-master team will be represented by five crews led by Eduard Nikolaev, Dmitry Sotnikov, Andrey Karginov, Bogdan Karimov and Sergey Kupriyanov.

The current winner of the truck category is Belarusian Sergei Vyazovich from the MAZ-SPORTauto team.

The total length of the Silk Way Rally will be 5,257 km, the length of the special stages will be 2,993 km.

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Source : MatchTV

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