Franco Colapinto after the test with Williams: “Turning at 300 km/h in an F1 is…”

Franco Colapinto after the test with Williams: “Turning at 300 km/h in an F1 is…”

The Argentine driver, who made his debut in Formula 1 practice at Silverstone, made it clear that it was “a dream come true”, although he admitted that “a lot of things still need to happen” for him to jump into that category.

Franco ColapintoArgentine pilot competing in Formula 2 and had his debut in a Williams in F1 practice at Silverstone, he made it clear that he fulfilled “a dream” after the test but he still recognized “many things must happen” to jump between categories.

“For me it was a good goal for a long time to enter an F1. It was a dream come true and after FP1 another great goal was fulfilled. I had a good result and I enjoyed it a lot; happy for the opportunity”said the 21-year-old young man, in an interview with Infobae. And he added: “It’s great for me and the team is very happy.”

In turn, he explained that “It’s hard to reach the limit of an F1” and? “It’s really fast so it’s a bit necessary before adapting at first”although he assured that “the result is positive.” “I’m very satisfied. I didn’t make a mistake, I did all the procedures I was supposed to do, you heard a lot of things they tell you on the radio, ways to change and adapt to that after a much more The main car like of Formula 2 is “F1 teams care a lot about that.”said.

Franco Colapinto, during F1 practice at Silverstone.

On the other hand, Colapinto said that “Silverstone is a complicated circuit because it has very fast corners and the F1 car reaches the limit of downforce” and defined the differences between the categories: “The truth is that the grip you have when you turn at more than 300 km/h from one side to the other is something incredible. The sensation is unique, how the car sticks to the ground , and it is one of the best circuits to drive an F1 The neck, well, because I worked on it I was a little tired at the end, but everything is better than expected, the best practice is to ride on car around, no matter how much you train it all the way, no matter what you want, you won’t train some muscles that you can feel in the car and it’s complicated I feel, but you have to keep working on it.

Moreover, the native of Pilar assured that the Williams team “They are very happy and it is very positive” and? “They were very pleased.” “It’s a great opportunity and I hope to have more in the future”, added the driver, who competes with MP Motorsport in Formula 2.

Finally, Colapinto He made it clear that he is excited about the jump to Formula 1 in the future, although he understands that there is still time left.. “Yes, I’m closer, but it’s complicated and a lot of things have to happen for that to happen”he judged.

Source: Tycsports

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