The documentary film “Tire Fight” about the 12th season of the Russian Drift series was released on RUTUBE

The documentary film “Tire Fight” about the 12th season of the Russian Drift series was released on RUTUBE

The domestic video hosting, in collaboration with the Russian series Drift, presented a multi-part documentary film dedicated to the 12th most important season of the competition. Series full of dynamism and highlights come out exclusive to RUTUBE viewers .

The film “Tire Fight” about the latest RDS GP competitions will not leave anyone indifferent. All the “indoor cooking” of the championship, the difficulties on the races, the emotions of the participants and the thrilling performances of the best drift racers in the world – this is what attracts millions of viewers to the RDS GP competitions. The documentary is available exclusively on RUTUBE.

RDS GP is the main drifting championship in the country and one of the strongest championships in the world, which is held every year. In 2010, the first competition of the series took place. Over the years, world-class runners from Japan, the United States, Europe and China have competed in the RDS. The races of the 12th season were held on 7 tracks in cities across Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Krasnoyarsk, Sochi. The final and the outcome of the fight for the title of main champion took place in Sochi Autodrom.

Season 12 can be called a turning point in the history of the Russian Drift series. It is according to the results of this season that the “mono-tyre” was introduced into the regulations of the competition. Previously, the requirements were only for tire size and riders could use tires of any brand. Now everyone must use the same tires from the same manufacturer, making the opportunities to compete at RDS as equal as possible. The experiment was considered successful. Many other championships also plan to introduce this regulation.

Dmitry Dobrovolsky, head of the Russian Drift series:

– Motor sports and drifting are less known to the general public than, for example, football, hockey or biathlon. This is why the release of the film is so important to us. We want as many people as possible to see RDS from the inside, see how we live and how we run one of the strongest and brightest drifting championships in the world.

Source : MatchTV

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