Selknam sweeps USA Raptors on Super Rugby debut

The national franchise started its participation in the duel disputed in Santiago on the right foot, winning 45-10 at the Municipal Stadium of La Pintana.

Selknam made the difference on his Super Rugby Americas debut. The national team won 45-10 against the American Raptors. Involved in the game from the start, those led by Nicolás Bruzzone began to make a difference when Matías Garafulic opened the scoring after 4 minutes of duel, with a try that led the nationals 5-0. The Chilean franchise has demonstrated on the pitch what it has been working on in recent weeks. After enjoying Santiago Videla, who was making his debut as captain, rose to make it 7-0.

As the inhabitants demonstrated their power. Even the surrender of Lucas González Amorosino, an Argentinian who plays for the North American team, was not enough to mitigate the superiority of the locals, who they soon managed to come back 12-3, thanks to a try from Joaquín Milesi. The same who a few minutes later would repeat this action.

The Municipal Stadium of La Pintana saw how the nationals began their journey by meeting expectations. With a good public frame, Selknam managed his advantage on the first day of the new competition, which replaces the American Rugby Super League, precursor of the discipline in this part of the planet, which took place between 2020 and 2022 .

Selknam beat the USA Raptors 45-10 in Super Rugby Americas.
Selknam beat the USA Raptors 45-10 in Super Rugby Americas. Photo: Victor Montalva/@TeamChile_COCH/Twitter

This Saturday, with the Chileans down 19-3, the score hasn’t changed for a long time. Without going any further, here is how the first fraction ended. This gap continued between the 34th and 54th minutes. Almost 20′ of play without any variation in the result. So that at 51 ‘, Selknam turns on and increases its distance on the ground to 26-3.

The disconcerted American Raptors players could not find themselves on the field of play. They did not show continuity in their actions and did not resist well to the arrival of the South American team. In an instant, yes, the Americans showed a draft of an intensity that seemed to complicate Bruzzone’s men. There were only a few minutes, of course, in the first half. The grass of La Pintana, in perfect condition, it must be emphasized, was the main witness to Selknam’s solid presentation.

Nicolás Garafulic took his lead at 31-3. The people, at that time, applauded in the stands what was exposed by the national franchise. A few minutes later, Diego Escobar, added to the complement, made it 38-3. The distance was notorious and irreplaceable for the visit. Only then were the underdogs able to close the gap. Fanco Palillo and later Line Latu were the protagonists of the action which left the duel 38-10.

But Joaquín Milesi capped Selknam’s perfect afternoon with the team’s eighth try, third on staff, with just a minute left before regulation time. Santiago Videla’s subsequent conversion made it 45-10, the final result on the opening day and which leaves the Nationals at the top of the standings. Earlier, Dogos XV of Argentina beat Yacaré XV of Paraguay 30-24.

the joy of selknam

After the duel, the figure of the afternoon, Joaquin Milesi expressed his agreement with what was said in the area of ​​La Pintana. “I’m MVP thanks to the whole team I have in front of me. It’s a good start to the season, but there’s still a long way to go,” He started by narrating the TV show. Expectations are high. “The ideal is to win the tournament and everything that comes our way. It’s a short but very tough season,” he adds.

For its part, Santiago Videla, captain of Selknam He noticed something that had been said in the previous one. The national franchise cares about its own game. “We want to be better and it’s getting harder and harder,” he said.

“Although we won, we made mistakes. We can be better. This new format is a challenge. Trips are short and dynamic, with few rest days. We are a team and we have to overcome this,” he adds.

To close, the rugby player indicates that this Saturday should be the let’s go. “We hoist the flag and we cannot lower it, we must continue to hoist it in the name of the country”, he concludes.

Match tab:

Selknam 45: S. Lues, T. Dussaillant, I. Gurruchaga, S. Pedrero, P. Huete, C. Saavedra, I. Silva, J. Milesi, B. Videla, R. Fernández, G. Moltedo, S. Videla (C) , M. Garafulic, N. Garafulic and F. Urroz. HC: N. Bruzzone.

American Raptors 10: M. Muti, S. Finefeuiaki, J. Echeverría, M. Grandy (C), W. Crawford, S. Clark, R. Murphy, D. Magno, M. Landajo, L. González Amorsino, S. Smith, C. Maluia, D. Iacovino, R. James and R. Moyano. HC: Yes. Chobot.

Points: 5-0, Mr. Garafulic; 7-0, S. Videla; 7-3, L. González; 12-3, J. Milesi; 17-3, J. Milesi; 19-3, S. Videla; 24-3, R. Martinez; 26-3, S. Videla; 31-3, N. Garafulic; 36-3, M. Escobar; 38-3, S. Videla; 38-8, F. Palillo; 38-10, L. Latu; 43-10, J. Milesi; 45-10, S. Videla

Municipal Stadium of La Cisterna. 4,000 people attended, approx.

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Source: Latercera

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