Selknam beat Pampas to add perfect start to Super Rugby Americas

The national team prevailed 34-20 over the Argentines and took two wins in the same number of days in the continental competition.

National Selknam franchise continues to score the difference in Super Rugby Americas. THE directed by Nicolás Bruzzone they beat Pampas XV 34-20. With this, they add two wins in the same number of days.

In the first half, the Argentine team seemed to contain the Chilean from the first minutes. However, after the first try of the nationals, the panorama changed. There were seven minutes left on the clock when Pampas managed to pull ahead. Juan Ignacio Landó has opened the Argentines’ account. The 3-0 against marked that it would be a different dispute than the opening day when the team led by Santiago Videla defeated the American Raptors 45-10 in a matchup where there was no major opposition from the North Americans.

Selknam was down. But he would wake up quickly. At 20′, paradoxically when they had one less man on the field, the Bruzzone team went up. A great collective game culminated with Rodrigo Fernández getting a try. Immediately, Santiago Videla ratified it with his conversion. 7-3 things at a time.

Seven minutes later, Clemente Saavedra and Francisco Urroz would be tasked with increasing the gap. 14-3 for those who officiate as locals at the municipal stadium of La Pintana. Then a penalty from Urroz would leave the action 17-3. Selknam was comfortable on the court and had his best minutes on the second day. In addition, luck ran on the side of the nationals, as Landó missed two penalties in the first half.

Selknam wins again.
Selknam wins again. Photo: SRA/Gaspafotos/Maximiliano Aceitón

What is on display in the first half goes with expectations. After the victory on the day of departure, last week, Joaquín Milesi, figure that day, assured that: “We want to win the tournament and everything that comes our way.” So far, the goal is on track. Of course, it’s still early.

In this sense, captain Santiago Videla said: “There is still room for improvement.” In this sense, this Saturday, Selknam showed confidence in a complex moment, something that the previous date did not have to live, since the field was more supported. This time, however, there were minutes in which it looked like the Argentines were heading into the game. It was at plugin startup, when they minimized the entry.

At 43′, Santiago Ruiz, with a try, then Juan Landó, with the respective conversion, left the score at 17-10. Landó, in any case, did not have his most precise afternoon in this regard.

Even so, it looked like the pampas were improving and scaring the nationals. Until Selknam took advantage of the chance he had. At 56′ they left behind the moments of fear and began to condemn the acts. Nicolás Garafulic had a try that made it 22-10. Then Urroz missed the option to increase per conversion. The latter was no obstacle for the locals to find their best version in the minutes that would come later.

In fact, one of the best games in the duel came at 62′, when Selknam scored a penalty try that meant 29-10.

In another contradictory action, Pampas moved closer to the scoreboard as Selknam looked better off. In a surprise game, Benjamín Elizalde downplayed and left the score 29-15. Landó missed the conversion. Then Joaquín Lamas scored a try by playing a fast line, while the Chileans were distracted, and made it 29-20 unopposed in the run.

More than one was scared. But Matías Garafulic gave the necessary respite with the try that left the match 34-20. The next date is Selknam’s rest, to return to action on day four, when they visit Dogos, an Argentine team that plays locally in Córdoba.

When the comparison is complete, Matías Garafulić analyzed the performance of the national team. “I’m very happy. It was a hard fought win, it’s the old Jaguars. We made two mistakes but beyond that we showed a great performance.” he told the TV show.

In this line, the rugby player maintains that everything is a preparation for the planetary competition that the Cóndores will play in the second half. “It’s a six-month pre-season, thinking about the World Cup. Hard training is coming,” he points out.

party sheet

Selknam 34: J. Carrasco, T. Dusaillant, I. Gurruchaga, S. Pedrero, C. Saavedra, I. Silva, J. Milesi, B. Videla, R. Fernández, P. Casas, S. Videla, M. Garafulic, N. Garafulic, F. Urroz. CH: N. Bruzzone

Pampas 20: M. Prince, R. Gurovich, J. Coronel, M. Bernstein, F. Lavanini, N. D’Amorim, J. Ureta, S. Ruiz, R. Iriarte, J. De La Vega, M. Alfaro, F. De La Vega, B. Elizalde, J. Lando. CH: I. Fernandez Lobbe

Points: 0-3, J. Lando; 5-3, R. Fernandez; 7-3, S. Videla; 12-3, C.Saavedra; 14-3, F. Urroz; 17-3,F. Urroz; 17-7; S. Ruiz; 17-10, J. Lando; 22-10;N. garafulic; 29-10; 29-15, B. Elizald; 29-20, J. Lamas; 34-20; Mr. Garafulic.

Arbitrator: D.Schneider.

Municipal stadium of La Pintana. 3,000 people attended, approx.

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Source: Latercera

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