Six Nations: France crushes England and inflicts a historic defeat on them

The Blues won against the Rose at Twickenham, 10-53, giving them the worst result in their cathedral. With this victory, they add 15 points in the traditional competition, just like Ireland, who will face Scotland this Sunday. Meanwhile, Wales beat Italy 29-17 and avoided the wooden spoon, the “punishment” received by the team that loses every game.

The crisis was deeper than we thought. England are not having fun and their irregular presence in the six nations is the reflection . During this day a new page was written in the history of world rugby, since La Rosa suffered the worst home defeat in their history .

In France, everything is a celebration, like a year ago after the victory over the English, which meant obtaining the traditional trophy. However, now the result takes on historical connotations. Blues the team which will receive the next World Cup between September and October this year, ended a glorious evening and overwhelmed the British team at Twickenham, 10-53. The result is momentous and leaves a mark in the extensive rivalry between the two countries, which includes 110 official clashes and dates back to 1906.

Since 1947, when France definitively joined the European championship (then called the Five Nations), the Gauls had only managed to win in London ten times (the last 18 years ago) . . In this sense, the record difference in favor of the visitors was given in their first victory, in 1951, when they obtained eight points more than the English (3-11).

England fell to France on Matchday 4 of the Six Nations, 10-53. Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay

absolute triumph

The incredible French generation is stalling. And of course, they aim high, because they hope to conquer the world in the next world championship and thus claim after three finalists. His claims are obvious . Today, on the fourth date of the Six Nations, they demonstrated their hierarchy and crushed England.

They tied for points in the game, with ten in particular. However, the match was dominated by the Gauls from start to finish. The pale play that saw them beat Wales and Italy was not enough against a top class rival.

La Rosa hits a wall that makes the difference from the second minute. From then on, that would be all for the Blues, who left with a clear advantage at halftime (3-27). The mistakes of the British were getting worse and their shortcomings were notorious. The inability to protect and defend added to the tendency that plagued them in the tournament: their weak offensive ability. At the end of the game, England made a corridor for France, demonstrating the sportsmanship and respect that characterize rugby .

With this victory, the Gauls rush on Ireland and equalize the score (15 units). Thus, Trébol, who will face Scotland this Sunday, March 12, is unable to win the Edinburgh tournament.

During the day, the duel between the two teams that were at the bottom of the table was also played. Wales traveled to Rome and beat Italy 17-29, in a match that measured the two teams that did not come out on top. SO , the Red Dragons avoided the wooden spoon, the “punishment” received by the team that loses every game.

Italy lost 17-29 to Wales. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

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