Selknam fall to Cobras Brasil to add second Super Rugby Americas loss

The national frankness could not in front of the paulistas. They lost 30-24 as underdogs. The next date they return to Chile to receive Peñarol.

Selknam could not in Brazil. The national franchise dropped for the second consecutive date and did not endorse the strong start they had in Super Rugby Americas. In four days, those led by Nicolás Bruzzone accumulate two victories and two losses.

It’s a surprising setback for the Chileans, as the service rival had just lost in all the previous games of the tournament. . However, the forced victims passed the invoice to the team that officiates as local at the municipal stadium of La Pintana. At times he exhibited the level that positioned him as one of the most powerful players in the South American context. However, that wasn’t enough against the Brazilians, who took advantage of their chances and moments when they could come back.

Imprecision and own errors damaged Selknam. In the first game, Cobras Brasil took an early 10-0 lead, and it was the score that prevailed for much of that fraction. But, towards the end, the Nationals had a reaction that suggested they could tip the peloton’s balance in their favour. This does not happen.

Selknam couldn't before Cobras Brazil.
Selknam couldn’t before Cobras Brazil.

On the contrary, what seemed like a boost for the Chileans ended up being a motivation for the locals. With just two minutes left before going to the locker room, Ariel Rodrigues scored a try, which Zé later ratified with his conversion. Unexpectedly, the halftime score was 20-10 for the Cobras.

The plugin would be no different. Selknam started with a try and a conversion, from Edwards and Urroz, respectively. But it wasn’t enough. The 20-17 lasted long minutes. But a mistake by Selknam resulted in a try by Rodrigues, again. The Nationals didn’t give up, but they knew the outlook was tough. Especially, after being close in difference and walking away, again, due to an avoidable situation.

The illusion reignited moments after closing. A strike from Strabucchi then a conversion from Urroz left the game at 24-27. With just four minutes to go, the outcome was uncertain. The marker has moved. But to increase in favor of the Brazilians.

A 30-24 fall that hits Selknam, since the expeditions as an outsider have not been positive. For the next day, Selknam returns to his home turf. Receive Peñarol. After the fall, Matías Garafulic criticized himself. “We couldn’t capture what we worked on during the week,” he said.

party sheet

Cobras Brazil 30: B. Alves, E. Pinheiro, H. Ferreira, B. Donald, L. Anconetani, C. Dias, M. Claudio, D. Byrne, F. Villalba, L. Spago, A. Rodrigues, R. Tenório, N. Cantarutti, S. Luna, L. Tranquez. HC: J. Reeves.

Selknam 24: S. Lues, D. Escobar, I. Gurruchaga, P. Huete, J. Eissmann; R. Martínez, S. Edwards, E. Tchimino, L. Carvallo, F. Urroz, G. Moltedo, P. Casas, M. Garafulic, C. Armstrong, L. Strabucchi. HC: N. Bruzzone.

Points: 7-0, R. Tenorio; 10-0, L. Tranquez; 10-3, F. Urroz; 10-10, J. Eissmann; 17-10, A. Rodriguez; 20-10, L. Tranquez; 20-14; S. Edwards; 20-17, F. Urroz; 25-17, A. Rodrigues; 27-17, L. Tranquez; 27-22, L. Strabucchi; 27-24, F. Urroz; 30-24, L. Tranquez.

Arbitrator: T. Bertazza

Nicolau Alayon Stadium.

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Source: Latercera

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