The day Queen Elizabeth II was to be assassinated in the United States

The FBI revealed documents linked to an orchestrated plot in 1983, when the British monarch visited California.

The FBI released a report this week in which it uncovered a possible plot to attempt the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England during an official visit to the United States in 1983.

According to these versions, a police officer in San Francisco contacted the FBI to inform them that he had met a man in an Irish pub who repeatedly raised the possibility of taking justice himself against the monarch – who died last September. at the age of 96 – in revenge for the death of his daughter.

This source explained that the suspect, about a month before the Queen traveled to California with her husband, Prince Philip, said that his daughter “was killed in Northern Ireland by a rubber bullet”, as the says the BBC network.

At that time, Northern Ireland was the scene of a kind of civil war between supporters of the reunification of the island and the faithful of London, although this conflict extended beyond this territory.

“He would try to attack Queen Elizabeth and would do so by throwing an object from the Golden Gate Bridge at the Royal Yacht Britannia as it passed underneath, or he would try to kill Queen Elizabeth as she visited Yosemite National Park “, said this source, according to the FBI report.

Consequently, the Golden Gate gangways were closed as the ship approached. The measures that were put in place to ensure the monarch’s safety in Yosemite have not been released, nor have any arrests that may have been made for these events.

The 100-page report was uploaded this week to Vault, the FBI’s news portal after a joint Freedom of Information Act request from multiple news outlets.

President Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II raise glasses during a State Dinner March 3, 1983 at the MH de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Photo: AP

This is not the first time that the FBI has expressed concern about a possible assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth II during her official visits to the United States, as happened in 1976 in New York, or before traveling to Kentucky in 1989, when “the possibility of threats against the British monarchy by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was ever present”.

During another state visit in 1991, the monarch was scheduled to attend a Baltimore Orioles baseball game with then-President George H. Bush. The FBI has warned the Secret Service that ‘Irish groups’ are planning protests inside the stadium after booking ‘a large number of seats’ to watch the game.

Source: Latercera

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