The Goonies: What Happened To The Actors Of The 80s Classic Who Returned To Movies

The Goonies: What Happened To The Actors Of The 80s Classic Who Returned To Movies

Richard Donner’s memorable film captivated a generation in 1985 and brought together an exceptional group of young talents who went on to follow a disparate path in Hollywood. We review everyone’s present regarding the film’s return to theaters nationwide, against the backdrop of 100 years of Warner Bros.

Directed by Richard Donner and produced by Steven Spielberg, the goonies (1985) is one of the most endearing films of the 80s . It defines a generation of spectators but also a group of actors who now follow disparate trajectories.

Almost four decades have passed since its release, and its adventure story continues to work as well as it did on the day it opened. This week there is a new opportunity to check it out, since the film has returned with some functions in Chilean cinemas. A justified replacement in the 100 years celebrated by Warner Bros., the studio responsible.

Regarding his return to the big screen, we come back to what happened to the actors who gave life to the members of the gang.

* Sean Astin (Mikey)

The American actor was 14 when Donner’s film was released , the first feature film of his career. It was the start of a career that later continued with titles such as the california man (1992) and Rudy (1993), and reached its peak in the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003), where he puts himself in the shoes of the faithful Sam.

He also played Drew Barrymore’s brother in Like it’s the first time (2004) and Kate Beckinsale’s husband in the alternate timeline of Click: Loss of control (2006). And he filmed a project with a Chilean accent: in Gloria Bell (2018), the English version of Glory (2013), he plays Jeremy, who performs the same function as Marcial Tagle’s character in Sebasti√°n Lelio’s original film. Recently, in a nod to his past as a child actor of the 80s, he played a key role in the second season of the series. stranger things.

*Josh Brolin (Brand)

After playing Sean Astin’s older brother, Josh Brolin maintained a steady career with film and television roles. But it wasn’t until two decades later that he achieved true star status, thanks to a 2007 appearance in grind the house, in the valley of shadows, american mobster and especially, No place for wimps the movie of coen brothers in which he took on the lead role and which won the Best Picture Oscar.

In this way, he became the most famous cast member of the goonies, a status that was consolidated with his appearance as Thanos in the Marvel saga. For the past two years he has starred in and produced the Prime Video series Outdoor beachand played Gurney Halleck in the film adaptation of Dunesthe sequel to which will debut in November.

*Jeff Cohen (Chuck)

the goonies was the Jeff Cohen’s first theatrical release and, surprisingly, also the last . Despite bringing one of film’s most memorable characters to life, he gave up acting prematurely and his final project was in 1991.

He went to college and became a lawyer. He could have stayed out of the spotlight entirely, but he stayed in touch with Hollywood by founding Cohen & Gardner, a company specializing in the entertainment and technology industry. In fact, he played a key role in signing Ke Huy Quan in Everything everywhere at the same time (2022), the film that gave him a second chance. Quan called him an “outstanding lawyer” and included him in his Oscar acceptance speech.

*Ke Huy Quan (Data)

The Vietnamese-born performer had previously filmed Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) when he got on the set of the goonies. He was building a promising career; however, after the california man, his professional activity ceased . He attributed it to the stage opportunities that existed in Hollywood at the time for actors of Asian descent.

Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock

In one of the most incredible comeback stories in recent memory, Quan made a big comeback with Everything everywhere at the same time, the crazy multiverse movie from Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. His role as Waymond Wang won him plaudits and helped him sweep past awards season, where he was crowned the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. And now he is a more valued figure than ever: he has just appeared in the Disney+ series Neither from here nor from Chinain October it will be in the second season of Loki and in 2024 it can be seen on Netflix on the tape electrical conditionby Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.

*Corey Feldman (Mouth)

Through his appearances in Gremlins (1984) and in the saga Friday 13Feldman was the most experienced actor in the young main cast of the goonies . After the success of Richard Donner’s feature film, he stood out in Count on me (1986) and lost generation (1987), but in the following years his career faded.

In 2013, he published Coreyography: A Memory, a book in which he discusses his experiences as a child star, detailing the sexual abuse he and Corey Haim allegedly suffered from men in the industry. He insisted on these denunciations in the documentary My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys (2020). His most relevant role in recent years is ninja turtles (2012-2017), Nickelodeon animated series in which he lends his voice to one of the protagonists’ friends.

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