How do I know if it’s real? Learn how to prevent a scam when buying a used car

The increase in new vehicles and the difficult economic situation the country is going through open up a new opportunity for the purchase of used vehicles. However, before making the purchase, it is essential to know how to prevent a scam, so here are some tips and precautions necessary to avoid being a victim of fraud when purchasing a used vehicle.

A few days ago we informed you that the sale of used vehicles in August 2023 had managed to sell 85,867 units, becoming the third best month of the year and having only suffered a drop of 0, 3% compared to the same period of 2022.

This is largely due to the high value of new vehicles and the falling price of used cars. Indeed, in the latest report carried out by, it is indicated that the average price of cars published for the second quarter was $10,160,000, which reflects a drop of 8% compared to the first quarter report.

Added to this is the increase in recent years in the number of people who use different devices more frequently. virtual platforms to buy and sell cars more easily and quickly. However, you must act with caution and be aware of the risks that this entails, so here we offer you different Useful tips when deciding to buy a used vehicle .

According to the Metropolitan Brigade for the Investigation of Economic Crimes (Bridec) and its report on the last quarterly assessment, it informs that “During the first five months of the year claims filed in the PDI for categorized events as “Scams and other frauds against individuals” they reached 7,256 . Of this total, 4,207 were engaged via digital channels.

The social networks most affected by hacks were Facebook (54%), then Instagram (16%) and finally WhatsApp (13%). Users used these violated platforms only as a form of social contact or for recreational purposes, which together account for 80% of violation cases, according to the official website of the Chilean Investigative Police.

Felipe Ortuzar, co-founder and responsible for the expansion of Lolocar, comments that it is necessary to determine which page is the most reliable, for this he recommends “reading the reviews and opinions of other users and being careful when making transactions online. Also check the seller’s information and take additional safety measures, such as meeting in public places for test drives and performing a thorough inspection of the car before purchasing it.

But which pages are the most important?

Chileautos, Yapo, MercadoLibre and, some time ago, Facebook Marketplace They play a leading role. These are all spaces that open up the possibility of buying and selling vehicles, so it is recommended to take all precautionary measures.

For this, Ortuzar categorically emphasizes that “the buyer has the duty to ask key questions of the seller, so that there is more transparency in the business. For example, you should ask about the vehicle’s history, reason for sale, complete documentation, mileage, number of previous owners and accident history.

Of course, it is important to note that vehicle sales and purchase platforms take different measures to avoid this type of scam, this is the case of Chileautos, a platform consolidated in our market for several years.

Caroline Klee, Latin America Marketing Manager at Chileautos, highlighted that “protecting our customers is a very important task for the company, which is why anti-fraud management is a daily task that is carried out in two ways, on the side of the platform. notifications through automation and active search for suspicious reviews and, on the other hand, we provide security advice to customers through the page, social networks and emails.

Chileautos informs us that they have a protocol to prevent this type of scam, since they carry out quality control of the ads published daily and have a system to detect suspicious behavior on the site. Additionally, they care about getting customer feedback and for this they have a complaints system where these user-reported reviews are reviewed in depth.

What are the tips for preventing this type of fraud?

Check for dents, tires, paint, engine, smells and noises. It is important at this stage to not only perform a visual inspection, but also to test the operation of the mechanical and electrical systems.

However, it is recommended that Never transfer money without first seeing the car in person and if for any reason the seller asks you for a reservation or a deposit, Do not do it.

In addition, it is necessary to review the legal status of the vehicle, see if it has guarantees, fines, if the owner is who he claims to be, technical inspection. You can request these details with a report in Autofact.

Never send data such as photos of your ID card or the vehicle register. If they ask you to prove the vehicle is yours, invite them to see the car in person or make a video call to show it off.

I think I’ve been scammed, what should I do?

  • Gather the evidence: Save screenshots of conversations, images, audios and anything relevant so you can file a complaint if necessary.
  • Consult the conditions of sale of the page and the seller: the terms and conditions of sale, including any written contracts or agreements signed by you.
  • File a complaint: If you have proof that you have been scammed, consider filing a complaint with the Carabineros or PDI. Providing detailed evidence and documentation can facilitate investigations and law enforcement.

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