UV Filter and Lens Color: What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses?

Among the precautions that people must take due to the intensity of the sun is the use of glasses, which is why professionals in the field explain how to choose the right ones.

A few weeks before the start of summer, high temperatures have already started to reach a large part of the country, so the heat has started to be present, along with its consequences.

The sun produces ultraviolet (UV) radiation, described by Occupational Safety Institute as “a type of electromagnetic wave considered non-ionizing”, although this is beneficial for health in small quantities Excessive and prolonged exposure can cause various problems, including eye injuries directly on the cornea, as well as cataracts or keratitis.

For this reason, one of the ways of protect yourself from the sun use it sunglasses appropriate that’s why you should know what are the characteristics that they must present to purchase them.

What characteristics should sunglasses have to protect the eyes?

When purchasing sunglasses, people should pay attention to the fact that these “provide 100% UV protection or UV protection up to 400 nm “, indicates the ophthalmologist Martina Aguilera to La Tercera, who emphasizes that this precision must be sought in the label or sticker on the glasses.

Another feature to take into consideration is that they deliver “protection against the passage of light through the side “, therefore the “wide side tab glasses “They are preferable to those with more curved designs,” he explains. Javier Corvalan , former president of the Chilean Society of Ophthalmology (Sochiof) in La Tercera.

Furthermore, Aguilera adds that the color of the lenses does not influence the protection that these grant, The same comment is made by Corvalán, who points out that “sunglasses do not filter UV light due to darkness.” In this way, There is no relationship between the intensity of its color and its function.

Thus, the medical technologist in ophthalmology and optometry of High Vision Center , Jonathan Carmona commented to La Tercera that “it’s it is crucial to check the labeling with reliability indicators such as UV400, UV100% or CE because these indicate that the glasses offer adequate protection.

Furthermore, the professional recommends the use of sunglasses for people of all ages including children and, in particular, adults with eye diseases.

Where to buy them and what is their average value?

The price of sunglasses varies because, according to Aguilera, they can go from $5,000 to $500,000 . However, he explains that “A goal doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. “.

To this, Corvalán emphasizes that the value is different because, in addition to being a protective item, it is also a fashion item, however, he recommends buy glasses made from “organic materials in established locations”.

These sites are therefore those that are specialized in the field of optics and that have the certifications of the health establishment, since this, according to Carmona, “guarantees that the sunglasses adequately meet the requirements for protection against Ultraviolet rays UV type A (UVA) and type B (UVB) emitted mainly by the sun.

Know which seasons you should wear sunglasses. Reference photo.

When should you wear sunglasses?

UV rays They don’t just occur in spring and summer according to former president of Sochiof, this is why he indicates that the use of sunglasses This should also be done during other seasons of the year.

To the above, it is added that the medical technologist in ophthalmology and optometry comments that “it is an error think that in on cloudy days there is no UV radiation since this is far from true.

For this reason, the ophthalmologist emphasizes that “Sunglasses should be worn whenever we are directly exposed to the outdoors. whether playing sports or walking, as well as when we are in “uncovered means of transportation” .

Source: Latercera

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