Selknam beats Brazil Cobras to add first Super Rugby Americas victory of the season

The national team manages to add a key victory by 30-20 after its loss against Yacare XV in its debut.

Selknam traveled to Brazil and scored a key victory in his second Super Rugby Americas match of the season. This Saturday, the national franchise managed to win 30-20 against the Cobras. The Chileans were free in the first meeting, then they lost against Yacare XV and now they won at the Du Cambuzano stadium, in Jacareí; Their next match will be against Peñarol in Santiago.

Those led by Jake Mangin absolutely had to add more. Something that was felt from the start and in 10 minutes they were already leading 9-0. At the end of the first half, the Fuegian team won 24-3. Last week’s defeat was latent in the minds of the players, who failed to maintain the advantage in the squad. It was now imperative that the adversary did not return.

Selknam won for the first time this season.
Selknam won for the first time this season. Photo: SRA / Gaspafotos

The Cobras improved their display in the second half, but it wasn’t enough. Six points were enough for Selknam to secure the victory and win for the first time this year. Ultimately it was a 30-20 that increased the casting Chilean in the table by adding their first 4 points.

“I am very happy to win in Brazil, it was a very difficult challenge. Next weekend we expect a lot of support at La Pintana, it makes us a much stronger team,” he said. Clemente Saavedra one of the numbers of the day.

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