4 Phrases People Usually Say Before They Die and What We Can Learn From Them, According to a Renowned Oncologist

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee raised this issue in a speech and assured that “waiting (to speak out) only delays the inevitable.”

Recently, Renowned oncologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Siddhartha Mukherjee delivered a keynote address. at the University of Pennsylvania.

And, in this case, the doctor and author of the non-fiction book The Emperor of All Diseases: A Biography of Cancer (Scribner, 2011), He alluded to four phrases that people usually say when they are about to die .

“Everyone I met during this transition period wanted to make these four offers” said the specialist in statements saved by CNBC .

It is the following :

  • “I want to tell you that I love you.”
  • “I want to tell you that I forgive you.”
  • “Do you want to tell me you love me?”
  • “Would you forgive me?”

As Mukherjee explained, forgiveness and love are two points that people usually refer to when they are about to die so they seek to manifest it in their last moments.

“Waiting (to speak out) only delays the inevitable” underlined the oncologist, before adding that young people should “take this seriously”.

4 phrases people usually say before they die and what we can learn from them, according to a leading oncologist. Photo: reference.

4 recommendations from a Harvard expert for tackling these topics

Expressing feelings, whether it’s love or admitting that someone has been hurt, can be complex .

In front of this situation, Harvard University social and personality psychologist Richard G. Cowden shared four recommendations so you can do it.

These are the suggestions you mentioned to the aforementioned support.

  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Allow yourself to experience negative feelings, such as regret and guilt.
  • Apologize sincerely and try to make amends.
  • Learn from the experience and move forward.

Previously, in 2022, Cowden raised this issue in an interview with Harvard Health Publications .

“It’s uncomfortable to admit you’ve done something wrong, and It’s natural to protect your self-esteem by rejecting what happened or making excuses for behavior (…) but it can free you from past mistakes and help you live more fully. here and now. »

In this sense, he emphasized that “You might be very surprised at how much better you feel if you can work on the process of forgiving yourself. » .

Check out Siddhartha Mukherjee’s speech below

Source: Latercera

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