Strong winds and intense rains: the advance of the frontal system across Chile continues live

Strong winds and intense rains: the advance of the frontal system across Chile continues live

Concern about heavy rains and winds from Coquimbo to La Araucanía.

Strong winds accompanied by heavy rain the one I could leave quantities between 45 and 80 millimeters over limited periods of time both in the mountains and in the valleys and in the coastal areas, are among the concerns that maintain the Government of Chile .

According to what was reported by the Meteorological Directorate (DMC) this is the climatic panorama that Chile is facing these days and the days to come, from the Coquimbo region to La Araucanía a forecast which put the population on alert and which, according to which was highlighted by Senapre has so far left a death toll of 480, 1,264 homes damaged and dozens more under assessment.

“The effects respond to the accumulation of precipitation in different sectors and the overflow of river channels that have affected different sectors of the Biobío region,” said on Wednesday the national director of Senapred (s), Alicia Cebrián, where they are already fallen down. more than 200 mm since last week.

As the rains head towards Metropolitan region and north-central area the government of Chile announced that it had declared Preventive emergency between Coquimbo and Ñuble, in addition to Biobío, a region declared Disaster area The day Tuesday.

The advance of the frontal system in Chile continues live

Although the frontal system is already affecting different regions of south-central Chile, On Wednesday, it is expected to move towards the north-central part of the country. .

All this can be seen live on the website. Windy a free weather platform that displays weather, wind strength and direction, a key element for tracking the frontal system moving across Chile.

The little white dots are the winds, which are animated to indicate their direction. Additionally, the background color indicates the strength of the wind: if it is blue, it is mild, but if it turns red, it means strong winds that can even exceed 70 kilometers per hour.

In addition, it has tools to be able to see other elements of the weather, such as rain, temperature, clouds , among others. These are located at the top right.

Windy also allows you to see how the front end is expected to evolve over the next ten days. At the bottom left there is a play button. If you click here, the graphs will begin to move in the direction this phenomenon will take.

You can open the Windy website from this link .

Source: Latercera

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