I’m 65 and have a hip replacement, but I’m 40: here are my 10 tips for living longer

I’m 65 and have a hip replacement, but I’m 40: here are my 10 tips for living longer

The man, who claims to feel younger than he is, has incorporated different habits that he says will make him live several years longer than average.

The man He is 65 years old , hip replacement , He suffers from a degenerative spine and both dislocated shoulders. . But even though, if we look at his appearance youth And how is it? health I couldn’t believe your age TRUE .

And the protagonist of this note has a lifestyle that, according to him, extends his longevity at most.

Wayne Leal assures that age is a “mind game” .

“There is a social expectation of what a 60-year-old should be: decrepit and a burden on society.” he told the newspaper The sun .

However, he assures that everyone could live longer and with a better life quality of life change some habits in your daily life.

10 Tips From a 65-Year-Old Man Who Looks 40 to Live Longer

I’m 65 but I look 40: here are my 10 tips for living longer

1. Hurry things up

Sometimes, as we age, it becomes more difficult to open a jar or carry grocery bags. The solution is, as stated, Squeeze a tennis ball to strengthen hands and wrists .

“Do five to 10 reps. If you’re just starting out, just five for each hand, one to three sets a day,” the longtimer said.

2. Take a deep breath

“Physical and emotional pain are linked, and persistent pain can increase stress levels. For this, Learning management techniques, such as deep or box breathing, will help control chronic pain.

“Inhale for a count of four, hold for four, then exhale for four,” he said.

3. Take the sunshine vitamin

Osteoporosis, according to Wayne, “can be prevented. Eat a healthy diet, cut down on alcohol, and do weight-based exercises. Try yoga and Pilates » he recommended.

The Royal Osteoporosis Society recommends taking vitamin D supplements in the autumn and winter to reduce the risk. However, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

4. Jump

As we age, exercises should be more gentle on the joints. Wayne recommends investing in a mini rebounder trampoline and using it for twenty minutes a day.

According to the man, “that’s the equivalent of an hour of jogging.”

5. Do the flamenco pose

If you can’t stand on one leg, like a flamingo, you’re at high risk of dying prematurely.

“Try standing on one leg when doing the dishes or brushing your teeth. “Balance works the stabilizing muscles,” he added, and suggests trying to put on socks or shoes without sitting down.

6. Eat a light dinner

“Our weight will be controlled as a natural consequence of adequate exercise and a balanced diet. Avoid eating anything heavy at least three hours before bedtime. Wayne said, adding that “food that is not used for energy is stored as fat.”

7. Start doing small exercises

To create the habit of exercising, he recommended Start each day with 20 squats and 20 push-ups.

“Give it four weeks. “When you can do this every day, it becomes a habit and you will want to progress and do more.”

I’m 65 but I look 40: here are my 10 tips for living longer

8. Dive

Exercising in water relieves pressure on the body and joints while the muscles work with the same force.

“It’s like having weights around you. “You need resistance exercises to help you burn calories.”

9. Get up off the couch

If you grunt and groan when you get up from the couch, Wayne sees that as an indicator of poor mobility.

For that, Getting up from the couch without using your hands is a challenge and a great functional exercise for your muscles and hips.

I’m 65 but I look 40: here are my 10 tips for living longer

10. Eat fruit salad

Sugar is harmful to weight loss, dental health and increases the risk of diabetes.

Wayne gave up eating it, but instead, Fruits and nuts are your daily snack. “Although fruit contains fructose, it’s nothing compared to added sugars,” he said.

“I do eat chocolate, but I’ve switched to dark and only serve enough to satisfy my palate, not a whole bar,” he said.

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