The lawyer of the girl attacked by French rugby players in Mendoza speaks: “She was brutally beaten”

The lawyer of the girl attacked by French rugby players in Mendoza speaks: “She was brutally beaten”

Ana Natacha Romano, the complainant’s defense attorney, recounted the sequence of alleged sexual abuse by French rugby team players Oscar Jegou (20) and Hugo Auradou (21).

This Tuesday, two rugby players from the French team were arrested due to complaints of sexual abuse. After a friendly against Los Pumas in Malvinas Argentinas, Oscar Jegou and Hugo Araudou were the athletes accused by a girl in Mendoza. This Wednesday, Ana Natacha Romano, the woman’s lawyer, gave details of the event: “They hit him in the face with a pineapple, choked him, abused him and dragged him to the ground.”

As the lawyer explained, among other things, the Forensic Medical Corps proved that the accused subjected the woman to a violent beating in a luxury hotel in the province. The girl met the accused in a bowling alley in the city of Mendoza early Sunday morning, when some team members were celebrating a victory against Los Pumas. According to the complainant’s statement, Jegou invited her to drink after which she said that after a few minutes she felt dizzy. Finally, he asked her to accompany him to the hotel.

“Arriving at the hotel and without saying a word, the main aggressor, identified as OJ, committed the first act of sexual abuse”, the statement said. The lawyer then explained: “After 40 minutes, the second rugby player, Auradou, entered the room. The one who opened the door was Oscar, the victim did not realize that he was about to enter. And this person immediately began abusing him, doing the same thing to them. “She states that she went into shock. That the first attacker tried to strangle him and the second did the same. It is clear that they have the same way of acting and attacking the victim.”

Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou, the accused (@laafecion)

That Sunday afternoon, the woman filed a complaint at a city police station. In addition, the statement was accompanied by forensic studies that pointed out wounds, scratches and bruises on the woman’s body, a symbol of the attack. “The attack took place in the hotel. He received a pineapple in the eye, blows to the head and an attempted hanging. When the second man entered, he dragged him into the hallway of the room, where the second man sexually abused him.”Romano added.

The rugby players were detained on Monday in Buenos Aires, where the French team stopped before continuing their preparations for the trip to Uruguay. Between now and tomorrow they will be transferred to Mendoza.

“The incident happened on Sunday early morning and was reported at six or seven in the afternoon. The statement is long and extensive, and matches the findings of the Forensic Medical Corps. There are compelling elements. In addition to abuse, we are talking about a woman who was brutally beaten. The two subjects participated in a brutal beating. ANDHe was very bad, very bruised; physically deteriorate, the prosecutor detailed.

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