Who was Roland Garros, the pilot whose tragic death gave name to the Grand Slam played in France

Who was Roland Garros, the pilot whose tragic death gave name to the Grand Slam played in France

This Sunday a new edition of the French Open will begin and there will be a good Argentine presence. I know the main character’s story by his name.

This Sunday will begin Roland Garrossecond Grand Slam of the season and where played France. The contest will feature a great participation of Argentine tennis playersdreaming of repeating Guillermo’s works Vilas (champion in 1977) and Gastón Gaudi (2004). But now we will reveal the reason for the name of the tournament for some, while we will expand the story for those who already know the reason.

Why is Roland Garros called the Grand Slam in France?

Ang open frenchone of the four most important tournaments on the tennis circuit, It has been called Roland Garros since 1928., when the stadium built in Paris was named in his honor “Roland Garros Stadium”. That is called a French aviation pioneer who was a fighter pilot during World War I. Their tragic death in war conflict formed that pay tribute to him by naming the main tennis stadium after him, because he is an amateur tennis player. Now, let’s learn more about the pilot and his legends.

Roland Garros

Who is Roland Garros, the pilot whose tragic death gave name to the French Open

Eugene Adrien Roland Georges Garros, better known as Roland Garrosas if we said a French aviation pioneer and fighter pilot during the First World War. He was born on October 6, 1888 in Saint-Denis, Réunion (France) and he played several sports as a youth: cycling (he won an inter-school championship), soccer, rugby and tennis. At the age of 20, he was fascinated by beginning of aviation and devoted his life to exploring this new world that was just beginning.

Then beat the altitude record twicepassed on to descendants on September 23, 1913 by make the first non-stop voyage to the Mediterranean Sea on a monoplane: he traveled 756 kilometers in less than 8 hours and despite the unexpected events that occurred in the middle of the flight. “Success belongs to the most stubborn”he says to the propellers of his constructions.

In 1914, already converted to a national benchmark, Garros enlisted in the French army at the outbreak of World War I.. A legend associated with a long time ago he was the hero of the first air battle for flying his plane in a zeppelin. However, news sources they ended up throwing out the truth. Being a fighter pilot gained four victories until his death in service one day after his 30th birthday in the hands of German soldiers. Upon hearing the news, mourning spread throughout Francebecause they considered it to be marked by an era.

In 1928, the Paris City Council finished building the stadium to host the Davis Cup final, who fought the host country against the United States. The Paris Municipal Council has received a dozen proposals to carry out the work and the Stade Français sports club project has finally been imposed. emily lessieur, President of the club, he asked as the only condition was that the stadium be named Roland Garros, a close friend of his and a former member of the club. So it began to be called the formerly named French Championship French Roland Garros International Tournamentthat over the years is abbreviated to the name of the well -known French aviator.

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