Athletistic/Tennis. Legendary Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has commented on French striker Kylian Mbappe’s failed transition to Real Madrid, and also touched on Roger Federer’s departure from tennis.

– Two questions about Real Madrid: How do you like the season and will you forgive Mbappe if he moves to Real Madrid?

– I don’t need to forgive Mbappe for anything. Me, as a Madrid fan, I believe that if he can, then let him come tomorrow. In the end, everything happens in sport and I guess such a young footballer is under enormous pressure from all sides.

I think he wanted to come to Madrid, but due to many factors it was very difficult for him. I hope I can see him at Real Madrid in the future. I wish Kylian was here already this year, but even without him Madrid are in a great position in all competitions with fantastic football. And until the last three games before the break, everything went well.

– Another important event for you was the departure of Federer? Did you talk to him again after that?

– He is happy, enjoys life. We talk to each other regularly, we have a very good relationship. He went to Tokyo and elsewhere. He must now treat his injured knee.

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