“Rublev was run over by a Serbian train. It’s just impossible to fight Djokovic now” – Chesnokov

Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev there was no chance in the Australian Open quarter-final match against Novak Djokovic due to the Serbian’s level of play, according to 1989 Roland Garros semi-finalist Andrey Chesnokov.

The next opponent of the former first racket in the world at the Australian Open will be the American Tommy Paul, who occupies the 35th place in the ranking.

Someone got hit by a train today. Rublev was run over by a Serbian train. Djokovic is simply impossible to fight now. It’s absolutely perfect. He plays such tennis that no one can resist him. The only one who opposed him, where he struggled, was against Dimitrov. He held it well by the gills. In the first set, Novak led with a break, then he lost his throw, a very good match came out of it. Dimitrov was amazing.

And then against Minaura’s Alex and today… After the match, Jim Courier came out for an interview and asked, “Well, how’s your leg?” And he replied that nothing hurt him, although he is all bandaged up, even today.

Djokovic shows supernatural tennis. He is the best everywhere. He moves on the field, the density of punches … He finds the point of impact on the field – the most inconvenient place for the opponent, from which he cannot return. There is simply no place where he himself can be surprised, because he holds everything, absolutely everything. He pulls out unobtainable balls. Endure those long rallies where the ball flies right and left. Twenty, thirty, forty shots. Every player gets tired.

There was, of course, a five-set match at the 2021 US Open when they did it there. I remember that 54-hit rally, where they were always hitting every ball so hard. That’s when Djokovic was obsolete for the final. And now he just demolished Rublev. And I dare not imagine what Paul will be able to oppose to him in the semi-finals. I think it will be the same story. The American will also pass under the train. Perhaps his head will not be torn off, but two legs will definitely remain on the rails, ”Chesnokov told Gazeta.Ru.

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