Carlos Alcaraz revealed his problems in finding a partner

The young tennis player gave an interview to a magazine and told the details of his private life: what he does in his free time and why he has been single for 18 months.

After getting the title in Argentina Open, Carlos Alcaraz He gave an interview to a magazine where he talked about everything, he shared the details of his private life, such as the problems he has to find a stable relationship and what he does in his free time .

It’s complicated because we don’t stay in one place for long. It’s hard to find someone to share things with if you’re always on different sides of the world.“, explained the Murcian who also confessed being single 18 months ago.

He also said that in his free time, he wants to lead the life of a 19-year-old boy. Therefore, take advantage of the spending time with friends, watching soccer, and playing board games. “i love chess. Need to focus, play against other people, strategy, need to think ahead. Because it is very similar to a tennis court, so I play it a lot. On the court, you have to predict where the other player will send the ball, you have to move early and try to do something that makes them uncomfortable.“, he shared.

Additionally, she revealed that although she has quirks about certain things, she is very natural and humble. “I don’t pay much attention to brands or cars. If I want something, I try to buy it, but in the end my father takes care of everything“said the athlete.

Source: Tycsports

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