Athletistic/Tennis. Victor Yanchuk has spoken about Daniil Medvedev’s condition ahead of the start of Roland Garros.

Yanchuk noted that the most important thing is Medvedev’s inner state. He is now in great shape, especially after winning the first “Masters” on clay. Given his form and attitude, Yanchuk believes that any opponent can Medvedev. However, everything is possible in sport, and the same game can turn out differently, especially for young players. Nevertheless, Yanchuk is confident that Medvedev has a chance to win.

He gave the example of the final in Rome, where Medvedev managed to cope with difficult situations and defeat the sixth racket in the world, Holger Rune. According to Yanchuk, the only opponent who scares Medvedev is Spain’s number one snowshoer, Carlos Alcaras, thanks to his fast game. However, on the other hand, Yanchuk thinks Alcaraz is not so reliable.

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