Athletistic/Tennis. Viktor Yanchuk, honored tennis coach of the Russian Federation, commented on the situation in the second half of the Roland Garros tournament table, in which Novak Djokovic, the third racket in the world from Serbia, and Russian tennis players Andrey Rublev , the seventh racket in the world, and Karen Khachanov face off, ranked 11th in the ATP rankings.

“Djokovic is a player with extensive skills and experience. However, we don’t know what form he is in. In theory, he has a better chance than Rublev and Khachanov. However, I’m sure Rublev will fight. He will definitely win the set and put Djokovic to work on the court. And who knows, maybe we will see five sets,” said Izvestia, citing Viktor Yanchuk.

  • Djokovic closed his tennis center in Belgrade for unknown reasons

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