“A series of lies and inaccuracies”: in Spain they liquidate the mineral water promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo

During one of the Portuguese striker’s last visits to Spain, the striker took the opportunity to be the face of a brand.

During one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s last appearances in Spain, the Al Nassr striker took the opportunity to participate in one of his last contracts. The Portuguese striker has joined as an ambassador and face of the mineral water brand URSU 9, a company whose production point is Aguas Minerales de Ávila, located in the El Oso lagoon .

The product is offered as “much more than water”, since the drink “aims to improve the quality of life of the general population”, all based on its supposed qualities. They assure that it has an alkaline origin due to its origin in the soil and porous rocks, emphasizing on its website that it is protected from “external aggressions, guaranteeing stable and permanent characteristics and without undergoing human contamination and chemical”.

Of course, these properties are apparently not such. According to the gastronomy site of the newspaper El País, El Comidista, there are “a series of lies and inaccuracies” behind what are presented as unique water features .

To begin with, they point out that there is no evidence that alkaline waters are better than others and that the existing scientific studies in this regard are of dubious origin.

“Like what happens in the field of fashion, technology or catering, where there is a wide range of qualities for the same object or service, the same is true for scientific publications. What about the studies that praise alkaline water for its positive health effects? Whether they are of this type of low range, or at least doubtful “, they expose.

In turn, they point out that there is no reference in the form of a permit in Regulation 432/2012, which is supposed to determine what can or cannot be said in the field of food health, related to alkalinity .

At the same time, the Comidista says its alleged benefit as an antioxidant is “nonsense.” “Another clear and straightforward health claim without the backing of regulation and, what’s more, that matches the healing credibility of unicorn tears ”.

The advertising aspect was also called into question and, consequently, everything related to the drink offered to the public. One of the details they disclose is that the company shows a source believed to be related to the El Oso sector where the liquid is obtained from. However, the city has nothing to do with the publicity of URSU9 .

They even call for comparing the Google Maps view with the proposed advertisement in which they propose to indicate the sector where the water is collected. “I suggest you put ‘El Oso, Ávila’ on Google Maps and then compare them with the images in this video, while paying attention to their narration. They have nothing to do with it.”

Right after, they indicate that the images correspond to the Cascata da Fraga da Pena, belonging to the municipality of Arganil, in Portugal.

Finally, El Comidista reveals an analysis of the PH of bottled water. Despite the fact that the brand says it is 9, the highest measurement data showed 8.62, which indicates that it is three or four times less than what is displayed in the advertisements. .

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