Athletistic/Tennis. Anna Dmitrieva, former tennis champion of the USSR and now working as a commentator, explained the reason for the defeat of Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev, who occupies the third position in the ATP world ranking, in the semifinals of Wimbledon against the Spanish tennis player. Carlos Alcaraz with a score of 3:6, 3:6, 3:6 and his failure to reach the final.

“Medvedev started the game vigorously and it looked like the game went evenly until the score was 3-3. However, I think it became difficult for Medvedev to cope with the pace fast and with the powerful game that Alcaraz offered. As a result, he made mistakes, and he had depressive moments: losing a match on his serve and other failures. Alcaraz was stronger.

For Medvedev, the Wimbledon semi-final is a good achievement, as well as for all the other players,” Dmitrieva said.


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