Athletistic/Tennis. Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev, ranked third in the world rankings, shared his thoughts on how he experiences defeats in important matches.

In the semifinals of Wimbledon, Medvedev was defeated by Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaras with the score 3:6, 3:6, 3:6.

“How to deal with defeats? I always have different emotions. At the moment I haven’t decided yet, because before the tournament… If they asked me if I wanted to reach the semi-finals, I would answer yes and no If I want to win the semis I would like to play on Sunday against Novak, I would like to try for the trophy but it was my best Wimbledon so far felt good.

As a rule, after defeats, I try to find positive moments. I was among the top four players in the tournament with some amazing tennis players – Yannick, Novak and Carlos. With the Big 3 struggling with injuries and other issues, it’s rare for the current top 3 to make it to the TBS semi-finals, there are usually upsets.

I am happy to have proven again that I am capable of qualifying for the decisive stages of major tournaments. However, I am disappointed with the loss. The only thing I can tell myself is to try to be better next time. Try to earn TBSH next time. Try to defeat Alcaraz or whoever will be the next opponent. Only this way until you end your career,” Medvedev commented at a press conference.

  • Medvedev won’t watch Wimbledon final after losing to Alcaraz


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