BEST POINT OF THE YEAR? Vukic and an incredible play in Toronto

BEST POINT OF THE YEAR?  Vukic and an incredible play in Toronto

The Australian tripped and had to be hit from the ground to keep the point alive. Then, he took it with a great shot. Look!

Within Masters 1000 from toronto, Alexander Vukic it removes all the flash in an instant. It is that the Australian won an incredible point -perhaps the best of the year- in his match against showman Gael Monfils. In the end, the French prevailed, but the play went viral.

Because of the untied shoelacesthe Atlanta finalist last week fell hard on the floor, waiting for the ball. however, that did not stop him from returning to his rival. immediately, get up off the ground and the game continued at high speed. Using his forehand as an offensive weapon, Vukic took center stage, setting the pace of the rally. And the icing on the post was a cannon shotto make the public delirious.

Vukic has less than 25 ATP matches -27 years old- in his career. instead, Monfils played more than 800, was number six in the world and won 11 titles. None of that matters in the course of the hoot. In a certain way, the French -an acrobat on the slopes- tried his own medicine.

Source: Tycsports

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