‘He didn’t speak to me for two weeks’: the day Beto Acosta suffered his mother’s wrath for signing for Boca Juniors

In 1992, the memorable former striker signed for team Xeneize, despite the fact that his whole family were River Plate fans.

Alberto Acosta is one of the most famous strikers in South American football in recent decades. He made history in Argentina with the San Lorenzo jersey and in Chile too knew how to shine with Catholic University . However, in 1992, he experienced an unusual family situation due to a career choice.

After his time with Toulouse in France, Acosta returned to football in his country and the team he joined was Boca Juniors. This angered his mother, who had an incredible reaction: “He didn’t talk to me for two weeks because he didn’t understand. When I went there, happy, for the pass and for the important matter that had happened; He didn’t open the door for me,” he began. “My mother was a huge River fan. She said ‘no, but how are you going to play in Boca?'” he said.

Beto tries to explain the context of this unusual maternal punishment. In Arocena, a small town located in Santa Fe, there was a marked rivalry between the two biggest teams in Argentina: “Because in my town, Arocena, either you were from River, or you were from Boca, and everyone everyone knew that the Acosta family was from “Rivière” commented the former footballer who retired in 2004.

Alberto Acosta was part of the Xeneize team for two seasons, in which he played 42 matches and scored 13 goals. Curiously, and to increase his mother’s annoyance, he scored twice against the Millionaire during the superclásicos.

Also successful outside Argentina

After this family controversy over one of the stages of his career, the former striker had successful stays outside Argentina: he played for Yokohama in Japan, for Sporting Lisbon in Portugal and at the Catholic University mentioned above.

With the Crusaders jersey he scored 92 goals and won the First Division tournament in 1997, the Interamerican Cup in 1994 and the Chilean Cup in 1995. It was only in May of this year that Fernando Zampedri surpassed the goal record that Beto had left in the ’90s.


Despite his identification with the fringe, Acosta admitted in an interview with El Deportivo who contacted him Colo Colo . However, this never came to fruition and the Argentinian gave his reasons: “They called me from Colo Colo when I was playing for Sporting Lisbon. Ultimately, you make decisions from your heart. It was very difficult for me to say yes to Colo Colo, because I have always been very identified with the colors of the Catholic University. In this context, it was very difficult for him to play in another Chilean club. “I only thanked the club for its interest, as has happened with other institutions.”

Read in El Deportivo

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