Listening and scandal at AFC Wimbledon: general director resigns after sexist and sexist comments

Danny Macklin has resigned from his post after audio was leaked in which he insulted a co-worker and said he wanted to kill her.

The general director of WimbledonDanny Macklin, resigned from his position after the sexist and abusive comments were leaked towards a colleague. Macklin was recorded by a hidden microphone in his office insulting Rebecca Markham, director of admissions support and services, calling him”bitch“and makes sure he wants to kill her.

The device was installed there by Matthew Wells, a military veteran working at the club as head of security, and the recordings were published in the British press. The Times this Sunday. In June, Macklin and Markham appeared together in a club-sponsored campaign to fight racism and in January, the director asked fans to stop sexist chants in the stands.

Wimbledon announced Macklin’s departure at the start of the month, but did not comment on the reasons, which have now been revealed by The Times. The club, which plays in League Two (English fourth division), published a statement on Tuesday condemning the director’s comments.

“Wimbledon tries to be a responsible, inclusive and modern club. Therefore, it has an obligation to act appropriately and set an example. This behavior is intolerable and does not represent our culture. As soon as we became aware of the matter this, we will act accordingly. agreement on our responsibilities and values ​​to resolve this. For legal reasons we cannot comment further.”said Wimbledon.

In the recordings, Macklin can be heard saying: “I want to throw her out the window. I never wanted to kill anyone, but I would like to kill her. Fucking whore. I hate her”.

Source: EFE

Source: Tycsports

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