Athletistic / Tennis. The organizers of the “North Palmyra Trophies” team tournament in St. Petersburg said they were in negotiations with former world number one, Spaniard Rafael Nadal. They also invited Romanian Simona Halep to participate in the tournament.

“I spoke with a representative of Rafael Nadal. His team announced that he would not participate in tournaments in December. He is now recovering from a serious injury he suffered this year,” quotes, tournament general director, Alexander Medvedev.

Natalia Kamelzon, general director of organizing company Formula-TX, said negotiations were also underway with Halep.

WTA will not punish female tennis players for participating in exhibition tournament in St. Petersburg

“We even negotiated with Simona Halep. We were looking forward to the end of the proceedings in her case. We hoped the news would be positive, but in the end she received a long disqualification. And Simona thanked us for the offer, but responded in the spirit of ‘Let’s not tempt fate’. Moreover, Simona promised to return to St. Petersburg once her disqualification is over,” Kamelzon added.