Nick Kyrgios’ brutal confession: ‘I burned things on my arm; “I made cuts on my body for fun”

The Australian also admitted who was the tennis player who helped him the most in his complex personal phase.

Even though he hasn’t played a match since June 2023, Nick Kyrgios remains one of the most attractive figures on the professional circuit. Whether because of the excitement of returning to participate in the Australian Open or because of his statements, the Australian captivates thousands of fans around the world. Indeed, this day appears on the main portals around the world for the latter.

In an in-depth interview, he spoke about his most difficult years as a professional. He even talked about situations where he hurt himself to get hurt. He also particularly thanked a tennis player for helping him through this difficult stage.

“Honestly, it was a pretty dark time (in recent years). I won tournaments on the professional circuit by drinking every night, injuring myself, burning things on my arm, cutting my body for fun. Hurting myself has become an addiction . I hated myself. “I hated waking up and being Nick Kyrgios,” he commented with brutal honesty on British show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Statements which impacted the planet and which illustrate the complex career that the person born in Canberra had. That’s why he also thanked Andy Murray, the tennis player who was most willing to help him. “He has always been very supportive of me. As soon as I arrived on the circuit, he saw that there was a lot of talent to hone and a lot of work to do, so he immediately protected me. Soon after, at some point in my career, he realized that I was a “coachable” player or that I was charting my own path, but He continued to be someone who was always there for whatever I needed. He saw my marks and asked, “What are those on your arm?” At that time, I was pretty bad. », recalled the Oceanic.

In fact, he clarified that despite the Scot’s good intentions, he was so lost that many times he didn’t pay attention. “Andy tried to give me advice and help me, but I was so withdrawn that at the time I couldn’t hear anything. To this day, I am very grateful to him, I thank him very much for what he did,” he reiterated.

Finally, he appreciated the change he experienced in his life, where he managed to leave all this storm behind him. “After opening up and telling all this, I was able to help a lot of people. I feel like I’ve been a beacon for a lot of people who are going through tough times. When they feel overwhelmed and point the finger at drugs or alcohol, they open up and feel like I can relate to them. It’s the most powerful thing that’s happened to me in my career. : that people come to me with real problems. They send me photos on Instagram, direct messages, in which they say they want to kill themselves. I have had discussions with these people, sometimes even calls. I notice that it makes a difference and makes me really proud,” he concluded.

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