Athletistic / Tennis. Gilles Cervara, coach of Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev, spoke about the prospects of his ward next year. According to Cervara, Medvedev can win the Grand Slam tournament in 2024.

Tarpishchev: “I can’t choose between Medvedev and Rublev”

“Firstly, maintaining a high level of serve throughout the match, without sagging as the match goes on, is the most important thing. Secondly, we know that Medvedev is one of the best in the world in defense, but sometimes you need something… then more to overcome the tops. Dana must maintain his level on the back line, but at the same time improve his game at the net, go there more often. There are times where he has an advantage in the rally, but he stays on the back line, loses for This generates a lot of energy, which gives the opponent a chance to get back into the rally and go to the net. are very important things.

And one more thing: we will have to find some extra moves against players who are good at serving and volleying. But I am absolutely convinced that Medvedev is capable of winning the Grand Slam next year. He finished 2023 third in the world, that says it all,” quotes the Servar Championship.