Affected in Santiago: Jarry loses to 438th place in the world and Chile is tied with Peru in the Davis Cup

Affected in Santiago: Jarry loses to 438th place in the world and Chile is tied with Peru in the Davis Cup

The country’s number one could not beat the young Ignacio Buse. Tomorrow the doubles will be played and two other singles matches if necessary.

The series is tied in Santiago. Nicolás Jarry (20th ATP) could not beat the Peruvian Ignacio Buse (438th) and radically changed the scenario of the duel against Peru for the Davis Cup. They will arrive in doubles tied and with the need to play at least four matches to qualify for the final of the most important national team tournament in the world.

The start of the match was a nightmare for Nicolas Jarry. Despite the 4,000 people who supported him and his notorious favoritism during the previous matches, nothing worked for the 20th in the world, who in the first two matches did not even manage to gain a point. This martyrdom continued during the 29 minutes of the first set. The one that was obviously in the hands of the Peruvian, who, despite being 19 years old, showed high level tennis. Although he clearly stood out in the defensive role, he surprised with a very powerful ball speed, able to respond without problem to the attacks of the ATP champion from Santiago, who was far from his best version anyway.

Feelings that changed as the second quarter progressed. As with Tabilo, the Chilean tennis player managed to regain power and his serve, while at the same time his rival lost consistency and strength. This was largely due to the audience, who began to take an active role in the game.

In fact, one of the tensest moments happened precisely in this set after Jarry hit a passer in the leg after losing a point. The referee gave him a warning and unleashed the madness of the assistants, who stopped the game for about a minute with their chants and shouts. These were seconds of madness, which also made Buse lose patience.

Thus, the second set was 6-2 in favor of the Chilean, who brought out all his experience. It was a move of authority from the grandson of Jaime Fillol, who did not want any surprises, especially with the 1-0 series in favor.

But tennis is an unpredictable sport. In one moment you can dominate and five minutes later be very close to the brink. This is what happened to Jarry who, after being comfortable in his game, lost in the last set. For Buse, it was the push he needed to make history. He beat a player who is 418 places above him in the world rankings. In the process, everything is equal in Santiago. A hit everywhere you look.

The first point went to Tabilo

Chile began their stint on center court at the National Stadium with a victory, as Alejandro Tabilo (ATP 54) secured a key series victory by beating the number one visitor 4-6, 6-2, 6- 1, Juan Pablo Varillas (87th).

It was a tense match, where Tabilo had to come back to take the first point. From a suffered 4-6, where the national tennis player did not find the rhythm or the shots, he went to two sets of total domination, managing to change everything he had seen in the initial set. Varillas was also a victim of this rise and undoubtedly contributed to the Toronto native’s victory.

Serving was one of Tabilo’s great weapons, which throughout 2024 showed an obvious increase in this area. In Auckland, he was the player with the most aces in the entire tournament. In the first round of the Australian Open he scored 34 and now in Santiago he has scored 13, in addition to having lost only 28% of the points on serve.

In this way, the left-hander repays the trust that Massú placed in him by selecting him as a second singles player opposite Christian Garin. The Toronto native was used to only participating in doubles, but the title at the ATP in Auckland in addition to being the brand new 54th in the world earned him this responsibility. He succeeded with a lot of sacrifice.

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