In the middle of the third set: Christian Garin gives up due to injury during his duel at the ATP in Cordoba

In the middle of the third set: Christian Garin gives up due to injury during his duel at the ATP in Cordoba

Tomás Barrios also lost in the first round of the Argentine tournament. Both will continue their journey to Buenos Aires.

Physical problems attack Christian Garin (87th ATP) again. The Chilean had to retire from his first round match at the Córdoba Open when he lost 0-3 in the third set of his match against Spaniard Bernabé Zapata Miralles.

Complex situation for the national, who hoped to have a friendlier season with the question of injuries. Unfortunately, this is already the second physical complication in 2024. He already had to withdraw from the ATP Auckland due to shoulder problems. Now, yes, the discomfort was located in the lower part of his body, without it being possible to verify whether it was at the level of the knee or the shoulder.

The problems in the duel against Zapata began in the second set, where he showed obvious wear and tear, which caused him to lose the set despite starting 4-1. He ended up losing in the tie-break and then lost the first three games of the final set.

The Chilean will now continue his South American tour at the ATP in Buenos Aires. It remains to be seen whether the physical problem is still present in the capital and whether Gonzalo Lama will continue to be part of his coaching team, since the recently retired tennis player accompanied him to Córdoba.

Tomás Barrios also says goodbye to Córdoba

There is still no victory for Tomás Barrios (108th), who bids farewell to the Córdoba ATP after the first round. The Chilanejo suffered a comeback against the Italian Luciano Darderi (136th) and reached three consecutive defeats if we consider the lost Davis Cup doubles match last weekend.

Concretely, the score was 4-6, 6-1 and 6-2 in favor of the European, who took advantage of an obvious drop in the national level from the second set. The defeat leaves him without defending the 45 points he had obtained in the 2023 edition, so he will drop to around 118th place in the ATP rankings.

Barrios had just played this Sunday alongside Alejandro Tabilo in the Davis Cup series against Peru and before that, he had participated in the Montevideo Challenger in singles. In both events, he suffered defeats, something he had already experienced at the Australian Open, where he lost in the first match of Grand Slam qualifying.

The Chilean number four will remain in Argentina, since his next challenge will be the ATP 250 qualifiers in Buenos Aires which begin on Sunday February 11. After that will come his participation in the Chile Open.

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