Chesnokov: “Rublev must behave more calmly on the field to avoid disqualifications in the future”

Former world number nine Andrei Chesnokov told that Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev You must behave more calmly on the field so as not to be disqualified in the future.

Last week, the Russian was disqualified in the semi-final of the Dubai tournament against Kazakhstan’s Alexander Bublik. At the end of the third set, Rublev shouted in Russian to the line referee, which is why the main referee of the match decided to disqualify the tennis player. According to the regulations of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Rublev had to lose all prizes and points won during the competition and leave the top 5 of the ATP ranking. However, on Monday it became known that the Russian remained fifth.

“It seems to me that the ATP did not have direct evidence that Rublev said something so insulting to the judge, so it was decided to keep Andrey’s points and prize money. Supervisors can do mistakes are people like all of us. But Rublev needs to behave more calmly on the field in order to avoid disqualifications in the future, Chesnokov told .

Rublev is 26 years old. During his career, the Russian won 15 titles at ATP tournaments.

Source : MatchTV

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