What were the causes of the strong storm which caused flooding in Dubai?

This is the heaviest rainfall in the last 75 years in the United Arab Emirates and its effects have even affected other countries.

The images of storm which affected Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), they are shocking . We see cars submerged underwater, impassable streets, the flooded airport and intense gusts of wind.

As the National Meteorological Center of the said country explains, it was the biggest precipitation of the last 75 years .

In fact, in 24 hours, more than 254 mm of water fell, i.e. It usually rains more than it rains in the UAE in an entire year .

The effects of this storm also reached other territories, such as Oman where at least 19 deaths were recorded for related reasons.

Furthermore, Countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have also been affected. because of the precipitation.

On another side, Afghanistan and Pakistan have suffered more than a hundred deaths due to heavy rains in the region. like saved CNN in Spanish .

What were the causes of the strong storm which caused flooding in Dubai? Photo: Dubai.

The origin of the storm that caused the floods in Dubai

Concerning the origin of the climatic event which crossed the United Arab Emirates, the specialists consulted by the BBC They explained that It was due to a set of edges .

In the words of British television meteorologist Matt Taylor, “We had already predicted that it would be a serious weather phenomenon” .

“Before this happens, Computer models already predicted more than a year’s worth of rain in a 24-hour period. “, he stressed.

Generally speaking, experts stated that A depression generated south of the Arabian Peninsula absorbed large amounts of moisture from the sea, causing surface water and air temperatures to increase.

This would be one of the reasons contributed to the storm system .

And as for why ocean surface temperatures have been rising, they said it’s due to global warming. .

Climatologist and academic from the University of Reading, Richard Allan, explained to the aforementioned outlet that “the intensity of the rain was record-breaking, but This is consistent with a warmer climate, with more moisture available to fuel storms, making torrential rains and associated flooding increasingly powerful. “.

At the same time, the meteorologist and professor of the same institution, Maarten Ambaum, stressed to the BBC that in this case We are talking about “a very arid region in which the soils are very compact and dry” .

Therefore, as soon as it rains, flash floods occur. . This is not something unusual in Dubai. But it’s fair to say it was a very big event,” he said.

For its part, Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have already rejected the hypothesis that the intense rains are the consequence of “cloud seeding”. an activity they have used for decades to generate rain.

Source: Latercera

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