The mysterious retirement of Camila Giorgi, the tennis player daughter of a former Malvinas combatant

The 32-year-old Italian of Argentine descent is listed as “retired” in the WTA records, but she has not made any announcement in this regard and no one can find her. The European press has some strange hypotheses about his whereabouts.

Camila Giorgi, retired amid a mystery (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Your name may be familiar because, although it is Italian, of Argentine descent from his father and coach, a former combatant in the Malvinas War. Camila Giorgi It is about him, he is a tennis player who is not having the best moment of his career but, in 32 yearshe still has something to release from his record four WTA titles, the last of which came more than a year ago. But surprisingly, This May 7, it started appearing as withdrawn in official records, and futile attempts to find him and his silence on the networks A series of hypotheses about its disappearance have been released in Europe.

The former number 26 in the world ranking (now he is 116, but in January he reached 68) played with him. last match on the circuit on March 23, fell doubles 6-1 with world number 1 Iga Swiatek at the Miami Open. Then, silence. “No one has seen him or knows anything about him,” assured La Gazzetta del Sport. Furthermore, there was a changing phone number and those who sought him recently could not even deliver their messages to him. There was also no luck trying to talk to his father Sergio, his brother Amadeus, who was in charge of the press, or his mother Claudia, who promoted his career in the world of fashion.

This is where her hypothetical reappearance in a new role could come from: that of Camila She is promoting her new clothing brand, Giomila, and in fact her Facebook posts since January refer to her role as a model and not as an athlete. On Instagram the posts were the same tenor until seven weeks ago, when he wrote “random places” with a photo of him in a bar. Again, outside the courts.

Camila Giorgi Instagram

Another point that caused suspicion is the as a result of Giorgi’s inclusion from the International Tennis Integrity Agency’s list of retired players (ITIA), an investigative organization doping and gamblingso the Italian is marginalized, for example, from surprise controls. But that seems to have nothing to do with this issue, according to the Gazzetta: “There is no record of failed controls or positive tests for Camila Giorgi.”

Tathiana Garbin, captain of the Fed Cup team, He said for his part: “I have not seen or heard from him for many months,” although he said that at the time He told her about a leg injury. Corriere della Sera went on to talk about “echo a carelessness that will have hurried abroad because of problems in Italy”.

The fake vaccination theory

In Vicenza, an investigation is underway at the office of a doctor who, during the Covid-19 pandemic, issued fake vaccination certificates for those who do not want to inject themselves but need that document to carry out their activities. And for that reason Camila’s name and the nucleus of her family appeared, brings media attention. Right now, Justice has 25 defendants.

Last year, speaking to Corriere della Sera, Giorgi denied such accusations: “The ongoing investigation is about the doctor from Vicenza, who He mentioned the names of famous people to cover his back, not about me. I have been vaccinated in several places: vaccinated and calm, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play the last few months, like I did. For me, this story is over.”

Will it go to Argentina?

In the same interview in January 2023, Giorgi had He spoke wonders about his father’s country and did not rule out living thereafter only a short time away from the circuit: “I was out of tennis for three or four months, first to treat plantar fasciitis, then because of my father’s country trip. In Argentina, it was an extraordinary adventure, an important journey that reconnected me to my roots. I saw friends, relatives, family gathering. At one time I was a tourist.” And last July, talking to journalist Danny Miche, he confessed: “I told my father: ‘I want to live here.’ Hopefully soon. “I’m Italian, but I can’t get used to Europe.”

The news is waiting to reveal the mystery.

Source: Tycsports

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