Athletistic/Tennis. Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters are among the greatest tennis players of all time. Each of them has set records that will be incredibly difficult to break.

Kim Clijsters – played the most matches in a calendar year

Clijsters was one of the best hard court tennis players of the era in which she played. During her career, the Belgian won four Grand Slam titles and achieved a remarkable feat in 2003.

Clijsters finished the year with a 90–12 singles record and thus became the second woman after Martina Navratilova to reach 90 wins in a year. Additionally, she was also active in doubles matches and thus participated in 170 matches that year, the highest number for a woman in a single year.

Clijsters’ record has still not been broken and could remain so for a very long time.

Maria Sharapova – lost fewest matches en route to a Grand Slam semi-final

Sharapova was a very successful Russian tennis player and won five Grand Slam singles titles. She also won Wimbledon as a teenager.

At the 2013 Australian Open, Sharapova achieved a rare feat. In the first five matches, she lost only nine matches, defeating Venus Williams. She ultimately lost to Li Na in the semifinals, but her record for fewest matches lost before a Grand Slam semifinal has never been broken. With women’s tennis becoming more competitive every year, her record may not be broken any time soon, even when you take into account the dominance of players like Iga Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka.

Venus Williams – winner of five Olympic medals

Venus Williams is the eldest of the Williams sisters and has won seven Grand Slam titles during her career. In addition to her very successful single career, she has also been in a relationship with her sister Serena. Venus Williams has participated in four Olympic Games during her career and has also won five medals, the most of any female tennis player. She won gold in singles and doubles in Sydney in 2000, then in doubles in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.

She then won silver in Rio de Janeiro to win her fifth medal. This record is very difficult to beat because the Olympics are held every four years and few players win medals in both singles and doubles.

Serena Williams is a career Gold Slam winner in both singles and doubles

Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles. Additionally, she was also an excellent doubles player, forming a formidable duo with her older sister Venus.

Williams has won career Gold Slams in both singles and doubles, winning Olympic gold in both categories at the 2012 London Olympics. Before that, she had already won each of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Steffi Graf had already won the Golden Slam in the calendar year (1988), but she had only achieved it in singles. Therefore, Serena Williams’ record could stand the test of time.

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