These are the 9 books OpenAI’s Sam Altman recommends reading

The CEO of the company dedicated to artificial intelligence listed everything from literary classics to titles more focused on innovation.

Sam Altman It is one of the greatest references in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). And the accelerated advances it has presented with OpenAI demonstrate it.

The company he runs is responsible for programs such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and Sora a tool that is not yet publicly available, but which promises to generate videos with a high level of detail based on guidelines provided by users.

But beyond its interest in instructions and screens, Altman also stated that He is an avid reader.

Actually, listed a series of books who believes they could change the lives of those who read them .

Among them are from literary classics to titles focused on the future and the field of business .

It is manganese selection technology like saved Infobae .

These are the 9 books that OpenAI’s Sam Altman recommends reading. Photo: reference.

Books recommended by OpenAI’s Sam Altman

  1. Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl. The author recounts his experiences during the Holocaust and asks a series of existential questions about suffering, dignity and the purposes of life.
  2. Think fast, think slow by Daniel Kahneman. The Nobel Prize winner in economics deciphers two thought patterns of the human brain, which influence our decision-making.
  3. From zero to one by Peter Thiel. It offers a vision on how to “invent the future” and new mechanisms based on creativity and innovation.
  4. Flash Scaling by Reid Hoffman. The co-founder of PayPal and LinkedIn offers a “guide to growing businesses quickly,” taking into account new markets and long-term development.
  5. The beginning of infinity by David Deutsch. One of the benchmarks in the field of quantum computing analyzes everything from the laws of nature and the future of the human species to the infinite advances in knowledge.
  6. A happy world by Aldous Huxley. It is an undisputed classic by the British writer and philosopher, which depicts a future where consumerism reigns and essential human values ​​have been sacrificed.
  7. Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom. This book directly alludes to artificial intelligence, the field dominated by Sam Altman, and analyzes the possible effects of this technology on the future of humanity.
  8. Winner by Jack Welch. One of the most successful CEOs in history provides his recommendations for building effective teams and mechanisms in business.
  9. The Secrets of Sand Hill Road by Scott Kupor. It presents ideas and advice to entrepreneurs looking for venture capital to finance their projects.

Source: Latercera

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