Athletistic/Tennis. On June 6, 17-year-old Russian tennis player Mirra Andreeva failed to qualify for the final round of Roland Garros 2024.

In the semifinals, Andreeva lost to Italian Yasmin Paolini with a score of 6:3, 6:1. The athletes spent 1 hour and 15 minutes on the field.

Andreeva served once, double-faulted and failed to convert the six break points she won. Paolini has one ace, not a single double fault and four break points converted out of six.

Mirra Andreeva became the youngest Grand Slam semi-finalist since 1997.

Soon Mirra Andreeva cited the reasons for Paolini’s defeat in the semifinals of Roland Garros.

“I admit I was in a bit of a hurry. That’s what separates the best players from those a little lower in the rankings, they don’t expect anything, but go and do their job, take what’s theirs, are doing everything they can. Today I did everything she could, but maybe she was expecting to make some mistakes or not play her best tennis. probably has a reason why she is now in the top 15. She showed it today, she didn’t play very well. It’s very convenient to play with her. Coach, I didn’t say anything in response, I think we’ll have a better conversation in a few days, but we’ll just have a monologue with her in a few days, a good analysis of the match, next time. I will try to prevent that from happening,” Andreeva said at the post-match press conference.

“If you had asked me before the tournament if I was planning to reach the semi-finals, I would have said: ‘No.’ If they had told me at the start of the week that I would be playing in the semi-finals, I would have said: “What?!” I didn’t expect that, I just played and did my best. I always play better when I’m playing and enjoying the moment. This is what happened in the last few matches. I did not expect that. being in the semi-final, but in the end he played there.

Of course I could have played better, there were a lot of mistakes that I usually don’t make. It was difficult to accept and deal with. It probably wasn’t expected today, and my opponent played well and showed incredible tennis. She played the semi-finals for a reason and showed an excellent level today. It was hard for me the whole match, but it didn’t matter. There are a lot of good things that can come out of these two weeks. I will definitely still be upset for a few days, but I will still watch the final,” added the 17-year-old tennis player.

Russian Tennis Federation President Shamil Tarpishchev congratulated Andreeva on her performance in Paris.

“Mirra Andreeva performed perfectly at Roland Garros, beyond all praise. She is great. The young athlete is developing, so her performance in this tournament is the highest.

Apparently, Mirra did not have time to recover psychologically before the semi-finals. There were small errors and a lack of stability. But it’s age, there’s nothing to worry about. His physique is good, as is his nervous system. We must continue to work,” Tarpischev said.

“Of course, the Roland Garros semi-final is a good result for Mirra Andreeva. You can’t even question it. I can only say that it is a qualifying result, of course.

Mirra must choose a trainer. We can then talk about her future as a tennis player. I still don’t understand who’s training him. Whoever was there before did a good job, but apparently he’s not with her anymore. That’s why it’s difficult to talk about the future,” said 2000 Olympic champion, two-time Grand Slam singles winner and former world number one Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

It is worth noting that 17-year-old Andreeva will significantly improve her position in the WTA rankings based on the results of Roland Garros 2024. The Russian will debut in the top 25.

Previously, her best position in the rankings was 33rd, which she held in February this year. Next Monday, Mirra will become 23rd in the ranking.

Andrey Andreev, Sport.Ru