It is the favorite dish of Chileans in winter

It is the favorite dish of Chileans in winter

In its 5C study, Cadem asked respondents what their favorite food preparation was when temperatures drop.

Only a few days left before the official arrival winter . The coldest season of the year will begin on June 20 in Chile, as well as the rest of the southern hemisphere.

For many people, one of the great allies in the fight against low temperatures is a comforting and nutritious food dish, such as soups, creams or stews. For this same reason, the latest survey carried out by Cadem sought to find out what Chileans’ favorite preparation is for the upcoming season.

Chileans’ favorite food in winter

As part of its workshop 5c attended by 700 people, Cadem asked what the favorite dish to eat in winter was.

The survey found that beef casserole was crowned this season’s favorite dish, garnering 29% of preferences.

In second place were the Bean and Noodle Soup (23%), followed by carbonated (10%), the lentils with sausages (10%) and the egg jerky (9%). Last place goes to vegetable cream, with 4% of mentions.

Casserole is a favorite winter dish, according to Cadem. Reference photo.

Cadem also wanted to explore the relationship between consumption of sopaipillas and rain . 75% said they eat this classic preparation when it rains, while 26% said no.

Regarding how they prefer them, 34% said they eat them with chancaca, 24% with pebre and only 19% indicated that they like them without accompaniment.

Another question that generates controversy throughout the year, and which was addressed in Cadem’s study, was whether Chileans consider themselves “summer lovers” or “winter lovers “. Faced with this question, the majority opted for summer (37%), while 32% chose winter.

And what about diseases? So far this fall, 43% of respondents reported having a cold, while 13% reported having the flu and 9% reported bronchitis.

Furthermore, in this context of illness, Chileans clearly know what their favorite activity is: sleeping (61%). They are followed by others like watching films and series, with 41% of mentions, and watching television, with 35%.

Source: Latercera

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