“Girls, girls”: the concern of Carlos Alcaraz’s agent for the Spaniard’s successful gift

“Girls, girls”: the concern of Carlos Alcaraz’s agent for the Spaniard’s successful gift

Albert Molina has been honest about the problems that fame poses to the 21-year-old tennis player’s successful career.

Building on his dedication to Roland-Garros, there is no tennis player who benefits from as much media attention as Carlos Alcaraz. The 21-year-old Spaniard is the world reference on the circuit and the most talked about player, even in the week when Jannik Sinner became the new number one in the ATP rankings.

It is for this reason that his closest group knows that he is experiencing a turning point. One of Alcaraz’s greatest characteristics is his humility and ethics, which can often be complicated by fame and the spotlight.

In fact, his manager, Albert Molina, was one of those who reflected on this, providing unknown details about his work and how it affects the life of the Murcian, who has already won three Grand Slam titles during his explosive career.

One of the worst parts of my job is refusing to communicate with certain people. or sectors interested in Alcaraz. Not just with interested people who are signing up right now and want to talk or be close to Carlos at that time,” Molina confessed to COPE.

In that same conversation, he also explained what this job is like and explained that the reason is mainly because they don’t know if there are people on the other end who want to profit from the fame and of the status of the Spanish tennis player. .

“We cut off personal calls unless he says one of them is really important. Opportunists don’t have the opportunity to talk to him. There are people who don’t miss me. I’m sure there will also be calls from women we haven’t discovered. I know the problem is that Carlos is very noble, it’s not because of Carlos but because of the people he can have by his side and not because of his friends because they are good people . But hey, when you expose yourself so much outside, There are always people with a phone who can record something that may be taken out of context or may not correspond to reality as it is. », added his manager.

That’s when he took a moment to talk about his biggest concern. “Girls, definitely girls. They contact him directly through social media and I can’t control it. “He is too honest and believes that everyone has good intentions, which is not always the case,” he said.

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