Athletistic / Tennis. Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya spoke about her participation in the final of the WTA-500 tournament in Berlin (Germany). Earlier, Kalinskaya’s lover, Italian Jainnik Sinner, reached the final of the tournament in Halle (Germany).

After Kalinskaya reached the final, journalists recalled that Sinner also participated in the title match. They asked what the secret of such coincidences was.

Kalinskaya debuts in the top 20 of the world rankings

“I’m just trying to be as good as him (laughs). He’s having an incredible year. It was difficult for me, usually I watch his matches, but this time I couldn’t because I had my own match.

Let’s see if we can watch everyone’s games tomorrow. I congratulate him. Now I will write to him and congratulate him,” Kalinskaya said at a press conference.