Dmitri Fedorov: “Dmitrieva was an aristocrat and said that rooting against someone was plebeianism”

Dmitri Fedorov: “Dmitrieva was an aristocrat and said that rooting against someone was plebeianism”

presenter and coach of the Chaika hockey team Dmitry Fedorov said that Anna Dmitrieva taught that one should never rejoice in other people’s failures.

On Monday, it became known that Dmitrieva had died at the age of 83. She ended her tennis career in the early 1970s and began working as a journalist, including more than 15 years writing sports programs at the USSR State Radio and Television Company. In 1997, Dmitrieva received the Russian national Golden Microphone award as the best sports commentator on Russian television. From 2004 to 2010, she headed the management of the NTV-Plus sports channels, then worked on the channel.

— Dmitrieva’s development as a journalist and commentator took place at a time when many things were forbidden and many absurdities reigned. Therefore, Anna Vladimirovna decided that she would give maximum freedom to her employees when she became a manager. In 1994, a sports editorial office was created on the new NTV channel, headed by Dmitrieva and Alexei Burkov.

Anna Vladimirovna cultivated talent. She encouraged everyone who had the slightest ability. She forgave our mistakes, took liberties and covered up our faults in every way possible. She thought it was very important to create a friendly, family atmosphere within the editorial office. And I personally learned this principle according to which in life it is not the one who has the money who wins, but the one who knows how to unite around him.

Dmitrieva managed to position herself in such a way that all the big people, businessmen and leaders present in her presence did not dare to attack our editorial office and our sports programs. With a sarcastic or humorous phrase, she knew how to put an influential person in their place if they allowed themselves to do something useless. The most important thing for her was to protect her own team. After all, in the 90s, everyone was obsessed with politics. From time to time, we wanted to close shows on sport by launching something else on general politics. And Dmitrieva always defended our interests. It happened that Anna Vladimirovna would go somewhere – then the program schedule would be reduced, something would be hidden. But when Dmitrieva was in Moscow, no one dared to touch us. They were even afraid of her, shy in her presence. They respected him incredibly, realizing that he was a man from another era, a great personality in sport and in life.

The NTV-Plus sports channel appeared in 1996 thanks to its incredible enthusiasm. It was like this: NTV did not own any television rights to the Atlanta Olympics. But that didn’t bother Dmitrieva at all. She offered to produce a program broadcast in the evening after the “Today” news on NTV. And on this show, they talked about the Summer Games for an hour.

We made stories about our Olympians in advance. We took to the streets of Atlanta. We didn’t have accreditation, so we could only communicate in the alleys, away from mixed zones. Sometimes the athletes were stuck in certain corridors. The program turned out to be cheerful and cheerful. And then there was still a completely different attitude towards sports in society. The audiences were simply cosmic!

We decided that NTV-Plus would be launched in the fall and one of the channels would be devoted to sports, because it arouses such interest among the public.

During the entire duration of the Olympics, Dmitrieva never attended a single competition, but supervised the work. And the tennis court was a 10-minute drive from our house on the outskirts of Atlanta. In other words, she could reach the final of the tennis tournament. But she never left her post. She wrote texts and delivered them with incredible enthusiasm, which ignited and inspired everyone around her. I admired his ability to work and it became a life lesson for me.

Anna Vladimirovna taught me, as a young journalist, that you should never attack someone. Even though it’s the Olympics, and it’s ours against ours. You should never rejoice in other people’s failures. By her manners and her spiritual culture, she was an aristocrat. And she said that rooting against people was plebeianism.

Another life lesson: Dmitrieva asked never to bow down in front of the public. I once said on air at the Nagano Olympics that “we work for you,” as presenters often do. Anna Vladimirovna noted: “If you work efficiently and diligently, then this is work for the public. There is no need to convince him that you work for him. These manipulations are not necessary.

And I learned that there is no need to flirt with the audience. I never told the viewers they were friends. Dmitrieva taught a culture of behavior both on the air and in everyday life. Each of his stories and remarks contained a little lesson, like a lesson from the school of life. I tried to adopt a lot of what she said. Hundreds of people will say that Dmitrieva had a huge influence on them in the profession and helped them reach new milestones. All those who passed through the sports editorial office of NTV and NTV-Plus are her children, who without Anna Vladimirovna would probably not have fully succeeded in the profession. This may sound loud, but it’s true. Vasya Utkin and I definitely would not have worked together – I can say that with complete confidence,” Fedorov told .

Dmitrieva was inducted into the Russian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004. She was an 18-time USSR champion in singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

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