Athletistic / Tennis. The world’s second racket, legendary Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, did not like the questions asked by a BBC journalist during a press conference after the Wimbledon 2024 quarter-final between Djokovic and Denmark’s Holger Rune. The 24-time Grand Slam winner ended the interview after a minute and a half with British journalist Sam Harris.

— After the match against Rune, you commented on the behavior of some fans and called it disrespectful. What do you think about it now?

– All The same.

— You have won Wimbledon seven times. Do you feel you are treated with the respect you deserve?

– Listen, I already said it in the flash interview on the court. Then I thanked the spectators who showed me respect. I said thank you. I know it’s really hard to watch tennis all day long. It’s true, I’m grateful, I don’t take it for granted, it’s largely thanks to them that I continue to play. We respect the people who really appreciate us and our efforts, buy tickets and support all of us and tennis in general. I always try to be grateful for that.

But when I think that fans are crossing the line, I can’t stay silent. I certainly don’t regret my words or actions on the pitch.

— How do you react psychologically to the lack of respect from fans? Does it help you play even better?

— Do you have any questions about anything other than the fans’ behavior? You’re only focusing on that. Do you want to ask about the match? This is the third question you’ve asked on the same topic! I’ve already said everything I wanted to on this subject.

— Then you have Alex de Minaur.

– Yes. I’m looking forward to this match. It will be difficult for me,” Djokovic said, standing up and ending the interview early.

The match between Novak Djokovic and Australian Alex de Minaur in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon 2024 will take place on July 10 and will start at 17:00 Moscow time.

Novak Djokovic last won Wimbledon in 2022. Last season, the Serbian reached the final in London, where he lost to Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz.