“Rublev plays for his eight, Khachanov – for thirty.” Tarpishchev – about the performance of Russians at the “Masters” in Montreal

President of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) Shamil Tarpishchev believes that Russian tennis players Andrei Rublev and Karen Khachanov show the level of play that corresponds to their places in the world ranking.

On Tuesday, the Russians failed to reach the third round of the Masters tournament in Montreal, Canada. Rublev is eighth in the ATP rankings, Khachanov is in 28th position.

– Rublev plays for his eight, Khachanov – for thirty. Karen is not in the pit, her level of play matches the odds. To grow, he needs to acquire technical and tactical options, but it is difficult for him. As for Rublev, he still needs to have a “B” plan, but he only plays his own tennis, which does not bring success. The guys are working on it.

This is how the hundreds are formed: someone has entered the top 50, but cannot become the 49th. What Danya [Медведев]that Rublev is slowly added, not taken back. The same can be said about Karen: he had a recession, he lacked functionality somewhere, but now he is doing well. I hope that Karen can still qualify for the top 10, – quote the words of Tarpishchev “Championship”.


Source : MatchTV

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