Matías Soto, the Chilean revelation of tennis who finances himself by taking lessons: “I look at how to find resources to continue to compete”

Matías Soto, the Chilean revelation of tennis who finances himself by taking lessons: “I look at how to find resources to continue to compete”

The national tennis player, recent winner of an M25 tournament in Ecuador, is struggling to pay for his rising career. Today, he is the sixth-best player in the nation after graduating this year from Baylor University, where he studied for two careers and competed terrifically in the demanding NCAA. Today, he is one of the figures appearing for the Davis Cup series against Peru.

Matías Soto’s 2022 season is an illusion. At 23, and recently graduated in public relations and business administration after a scholarship to Baylor University, the national tennis player has seen a notable rise in the rankings. In just two months, he rose from position 1,040 in the world rankings to 528, thanks to notable performances, such as the titles of the M15 in Quito and the M25 in Portoviejo. However, this excellent campaign collided head-on with the harsh reality of the fight against the lack of resources.

A while ago, the Copiapó native ran an online help campaign and also offered tennis lessons in his town to fund his career. “Obviously, since I started competing, I’ve moved everywhere; my family too and help has been obtained, but tennis is an expensive sport, for which it takes a lot of money to do things well; to travel well, train well… And it doesn’t stop. What is done now is spent tomorrow, and so on. Yes, I was able to afford a few tournaments but, by the end of the year, it’s up to me and my family to decide how we can move and find resources to continue competing,” he admits. .

As for the courses he offers, he says it’s not something new for him. “I also did the courses in the event of a pandemic. When I had to come back from the United States, I had a good group of people who believed in me, and now that I’m back here in Copiapó, I see it as retribution for the people. Obviously, you make money, but you also create a good atmosphere.

His fine campaign on the circuit, which he achieved with the help of his brother Mario, who trains him, does not surprise him. It’s something he was waiting for, he admits it. “I always believed in myself, for something that I decided to continue playing after graduating from university. I wanted to compete, to see my ranking go up. Before, with university, I could not compete and now, playing so many tournaments in a row and getting good results motivates me. I was expecting it to go well, because I feel like I have the level, but it was a quick climb. I set a goal to be 500th in the world by the end of the year and I’m already 530. So that goal was missed. By the end of the year, I can safely be at 350. It’s a tough goal, but it’s up to me.” it is said.

The key to all this was his passage through the demanding NCAA, where great talents appear year after year who later dedicate themselves to the ATP level: “The university experience was incredible. These were four years of high demand. Competing, traveling, studying and learning a new language helped me grow as a person and a player. It prepared me very well for today being on the circuit and doing things well. I feel ready to compete with anyone. There I faced many players who are now in the top 100 or top 200. It was the best preparation I could have had”.

He also has words to talk about his great idol: “I have always loved Roger Federer, not so much because of his elegance to play tennis, but because of the way he behaves. You see pure excellence in him, he is my reference and my model. He it’s not enough to hit the ball beautifully, but you have to be a good person” assess.

Davis Cup Letter

In the next few hours, Nicolás Massú will deliver the Davis Cup payroll, and Soto adds plenty of bonuses to make the squad for the World Group I series against Peru in Lima. He had previously been called up as a fifth player against Sweden and Slovakia. Today, he feels that his options are more concrete. “The hope is there. I haven’t received any calls yet, but I am well placed. Today, I find myself in a position to be able to compete if necessary. It would be a great experience and a great opportunity, and I can’t wait to be there. confess.

The list appears with some new items, as a possible return of Gonzalo Lama. If it materializes, the Lion would again defend the national representative after four and a half years of absence where he had to deal with various health and physical complications.

On the other hand, the great doubt of the call, completed by Nicolás Jarry and Alejandro Tabilo, is the appointment of Christian Garin. The number two of the country questioned his participation after the inconvenience which drags on the left wrist. “I want to be in the Davis Cup, be as healthy and finish the year well. I haven’t stopped working and I’ve had an emotionally complicated month. I did everything I could to be here in New York, I made it, I won a game and today I competed sometimes evenly against a top player. If I continue with the same attitude and more preparation, I will end well, ”he said in an interview in the middle of Clay Tennis.

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