Reztsova told how she prays for the return of Russian skiers to the international stage

Three-time Olympic champion Anfisa Reztsova commenting on “” about the suspension of Russian ski representatives for an indefinite period, expressed the hope that justice would prevail and that Russians could participate in the next Olympics.

On Saturday, the FIS extended indefinitely the suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes from competitions under its auspices. This decision was taken on Saturday at a meeting of the FIS Council.

“Hope never dies. Therefore, in any case, we hope for the best result. It is clear. Sooner or later it will come. The Lord will hear us and help us. I go to church and pray for this and for our children. I just had Kristyushka (Kristina Reztsova) with her family. She is always optimistic. But in her soul, the situation that exists now, in her soul too, is burning, boiling.

Of course, it’s inconvenient and embarrassing. At the same time, Bach recently announced that the Russians should be let in, and here he contradicts himself. And he himself does not give the floor to others to speak – representatives of other countries. So that they speak in favor of the Russians, I believe. He knows perfectly well that many will not want us to enter the international arena, and he says nothing to anyone about it. Therefore, now we have been suspended, pushed back indefinitely. And yet, we hope that a good time will come for us. I think we are going to perform at the Olympics anyway. I pray to God to help us,” Reztsova told .

– They will simply be bored to compete without our athletes…

Well, it’s not even boring. As far as I know, the same Norwegians have sponsors who will pay less. Because their level of performance without the Russians is already different, that’s why Klebo called on the Russians to compete. They are a bit uncomfortable without us. And not because there are not enough rivals, but because they lose financially. So I think athletes from other teams would also be happy to get us involved.

Source : MatchTV

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