Samodelkina: “I’m happy to have skated the short program without falling. I had a complex injury that still worries me today. »

Figure skater Sofia Samodelkina said she was happy with the performance of the short program at the Russian Championships, but noted that she was still worried about the old injury.

Samodelkina scored 71.64 points for the short program.

– It didn’t all work out, but I’m glad there were no crashes. I will continue to work. Axel in general was a jump off. Apparently, a little strongly shaken. In the end, I decided to play it safe with the rittberger. At the same time, I don’t know how you can create an element in an arbitrary element, but not in a short… Someday I will succeed.

Follow in Samarin’s footsteps and try to do the toughest short program in the world? I do not know. When I heard that I was skating with Lutz and Rittberger, I analyzed that no one was doing that. I thought why not. Not that it would be a simple setup. I did – great.

I don’t have one that burns under the weight of the contents. Why such content? This is also my personal wish. Nevertheless, last year I wanted to return the rittberger, because in 2018 I did. It was considered my star jump. Now, I skipped a lot of it outside of the programs, which is why I agreed to insert it into a short.

Has the stability at the axel disappeared after the change of trainer? Can’t say anything about stability. I came to Svetlana Vladimirovna (Sokolovskaya) without a triple jump after a difficult injury, which to this day worries me a lot. I mean, it all started again. Therefore, it was too hard work with quads.

Why did you change your dress? Svetlana Vladimirovna wanted to make another cool dress. It was ready after Sochi. When we tried it, the coach said: “Let’s get Russia to make everyone gasp,” Samodelkina told reporters.

The Russian Championship will end on December 24.

Source : MatchTV

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