Athletistic/Others. Olympic speed skating champion, State Duma deputy Svetlana Zhurova expressed her opinion on the possible return of athletes who had previously changed their Russian nationality and settled in other countries.

“If those who changed their sports citizenship decide to return to Russia, it means that they recognize their previous choice as wrong. Perhaps they hope to get some benefit from this situation. Previously, everything was simpler – there is no there was no social networks, and many Similar news passed. In the 90s, many left and then returned – and nothing, everything was forgiven them. But then the situation was a little different, they did not expressed indignation towards Russia. Much will depend on who says what. extremely important. I know that Western propaganda demanded that some of those who had previously left forcefully declared that they were abandoning Russia. But when these people were not didn’t agree with that, they were simply kicked out, they were no longer funded – and they “Who will ask them what? We have to wait and see what happens and then draw conclusions,” Zhurova said, as quoted by

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